Best Earphones Under 500Rs In India “Premium Quality”

by Narendra

No one denying the fact earphones is not less than the partner, every boring conversation to long traveling route it always helps to change our attitude then why should not it be perfect as we want.

In the price tag of under 500Rs there are lots of latest best brands earphone are coming every month, but I think you might lots of confusion in mind before buying the best earphone under 500 rs, So after a doing great research and taken real-life reviews to choose the best product for you, here I compiled list with those best earphones in your comfortable price range of 500Rs.

Best Ear-Phones To Buy Under 500 Indian Rupees

Here is the list of Latest 500 Rs Ear Phones At Glance:

  • JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones
  • Evidson Vibe Black in-Ear Wired Earphones
  • boAt BassHeads 152 
  • Infinity (JBL) Zip 20
  • Motorola Pace 110 in-Ear Headphones
  • Mi Earphone Basic with Ultra deep bass
  • Digitek DBE005 Wireless  

1. JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones

No matter what, if you are looking for awesome sound quality with having perfect bass and volume mixture then trust me JBL brand earphone is always your first choice to pick whether you are buying under 500Rs earphone or much higher.

If I talked about its design and features then belive me JBL is a professional brand in earphone company, which always tries to make the standard product with having quality material that makes it ultra-lightweight and for your comfort, it gives 3 sizes of ear tips that really a great point.

Morever in this price segment, it also gives noise-canceling microphone features with one-button remote that works well for all your activity.


Brand : JBL

Weight : 13.6 g

Warranty : 1Year

Design & Sound Quality : Excellent

Extra Component include: 3 ear tips different sizes

Jack : 3.5 mm "L" shaped

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2. Evidson Vibe Black in-Ear Wired Earphones

Here is the second recommended earphone you should have to buy if you are looking for higher bass with having great sound quality, To give you comfort with higher sound here in the earphone it makes off-axis fit shape with having noise-canceling earphone that cancels 90 % of ambient noise.

Morever if I talked about its design and features then its also up to the mark, where it comes within plastic material that gives it premium finish, and also it comes with a flat standard wire that is tangle-free so you never be frustrated by wiring while traveling.

The best thing I like in evidson earphone is its higher sound quality and comfort level with lightweight that helps you to use for a long time without a headache.


Brand :  Evidson 

Weight : 9 gm

Warranty : 6 months

Features: Super Bass, Off axis fit design, durable material.

Extra Component include: Slicon ear tip in 3 sizes

3. boAt BassHeads 152 

boAt earphone might be your perfect choice if you are like me who are traveling a lot and don’t care about the earphones wires then for us here boAt gives dual-tone coated cable with 3.5 mm L shaped jack, to not be care about earphone anymore.

Morever there is no doubt, in boAt earphone sound quality if you are a music lover who loves to listen to high bass and clear tone sound then boAt never dissatisfy with this price segment.

If I talked about its design and features then here boAt gives a premium finish metallic earbuds that perfectly fit in-ear, and comes with durable tangle-free wires having inbuilt microphone support to make better communication.


Brand : boAt

Weight : 18 g

Warranty : 1Year

Features: Amazing Bass, Clear tone sound quality, Gold platted angled jack

Design and Quality : Amazing and Durable

4. Infinity (JBL) Zip 20

Here is another best earphone in the list from the JBL brand which you can try if you are looking for lightweight and superior sound quality, The unique thing that makes infinity JBL different is its design and comfort level in the budget price range.

Morever if you are gym geek and want tangle-free wire also higher sound then I recommend you to go with infinity Zip 20, It also provides 3 earbuds sleeves for better fitting and one button for all your work.


Brand : JBL

Weight : 9 g

Warranty : 1Year

Features : Soft earbuds, Higher Bass, Durable Wire, Budget price

Design and Quality : Simple and standard

Additional Equip : 3 Earbuds

5. Motorola Pace 110 in-Ear Headphones

Motorola earphones also the best option you can choose to listen to music in great sound quality with the perfect bass mixture, morever if you are a traveling guy and have a habit to roughly use earphone then also it comfortable for you, with its perfectly coated tangle-free wire you will never be frustrated while using earphone.

If I talked about its design its simple looking plastic earbuds in a black finish that not bad, in this price range moto gives very budget-friendly earphones that you should have to try.

The best thing I liked in Motorola earphone, is google assistant featured enabled that really helps when you are riding a bike and super catchable and make you comfortable to change music.


Brand : Motorola

Weight : 13.6 g

Warranty : 1Year

Features : Google assistant enabled, tangle free wire, quality earpiece, in line mic

Design and Quality : Simple, plastic finish used

Additional : Ear Caps

6. Mi Earphone Basic with Ultra deep bass

In the budget price segment here Mi launched its earphone to serve the all smartphone device with there a quality sound, the earphone is really great with there ultra finish quality material with having balanced bass that makes music love to without ear pain.

Morever it includes lots of attractive features like noise cancellation, tangle-free wire, high-quality silicon earbuds, inline microphone for answering calls, ultra-deep bass technology and many more, if you are using Mi smartphone or any other one then this earphone are really great to use in the price tag of Rs 399.


Brand : Mi

Weight : 13.6 g

Warranty : 6 Month

Features : Quality ear buds, Noise cancellation, Deep bass, Sound stability.

Design and Quality : Standard looks, Feel premium and comfortable

Additional : Earbuds tips

7. Digitek DBE005 Wireless

If you are music addictive and want some great sound wireless earphones in the budget price segment then here is Digitek earphone, which you can use while doing gym, jogging morever the earphone contains lots of features like a built-in mic, magnetic absorption, Bluetooth connectivity and many more.

If I talked about its design and comfort then its really surprise at the price, it gives a fine finish standard look design with great quality of earbuds that perfectly fit in-ear without any problem.

The best thing I like about it its wireless in budget price, which can stand by 120 hr with only 1 hr of charging, so if you are a sports guy then this earphone is really amazing in price under 500Rs.


Brand : Digitek DBE005

Weight : 81.6 g

Warranty : 1 Year

Features : Magnatic connect, bluetooth connectivity, stereo sound, clean voice.

Design And comfort : Attractive looking with comfortable ear buds.

Additional : Charging cable

Wrapping Up: Best Earphone Under 500 Bucks

These were the latest earphone update in the price tag of 500Rs, which you can buy without any hesitation every earphone have their own quality material, and features that make it different.

But for you, I will strongly suggest you go with JBL earphones that give you ultra bass with balanced sound quality, whether you are sports freak or want to normal listener its works well for both.

Is there any best earphone recommendation from your side to add on the list then feel free to comment below.

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