Best Family Locator Apps For Android & iOS: New

by Narendra

My family, XNSPY, and more. Here are the best family locator apps for android & iOS.

While going for a vacation tour with family or friends, and if you are elder then it’s really challenging to take care of everyone’s location where they are roaming, Right? but now in the digital world of smartphone apps, & technology there are several best family locator apps are available for android as well for iPhone users, which makes your works so easy to trace your family location or you can also spy on your kids using the internet. For that here in this article, we’ve compiled the list of best family locator apps for android & iOS devices that will always help you to track every person of your family whether it’s your kid, wife, or your friends.

1. My Family

Here is the first best family locator app for android “My Family” for you which helps you to locate your family members in real-time. Moreover, the app contains several interesting features which make the app more user-friendly like here you can see a real-time private map that helps you to watch where your family member is roaming.

Like that, there are also many best features available, and my favorite one is alert it means whenever your family member arrives home, or any place you set it to make you alert, it’s something like a surprise, isn’t it?

Overall, If you are looking for the best family locator app for android & iOS users with a cool user interface and great features to locate family, you should try my family app for sure.

My Family: Overall best family locator app for android & iOS

The Best Features I Like in “My Family” App

  • Real-time alert when your family member comes home or your set place.
  • Tracks driving styles and speed.
  • Real-time fast location.
  • Secured family map to know every member’s location at once.
  • Safe and secure private connection for tracking location.

Install: My Family (Freemium)

Downloads: 500K+


Here is another original best family locator app on the list through which you can spy on your family member’s & friends’ smartphones. Using the app you can trace everything that is done on their smartphones for instance you can see their location, call details, messages, remotely control smartphones, and many more its really a helpful app through which you can easily trace everything for their security and know the exact location and what they are doing with a smartphone.

XNSPY: Best featureful family locator app for android & iOS

The Best Features I Like in “XNSPY” App

  • Having more advanced features than location tracking.
  • Trace full mobile details like location call details, gallery, and many more.
  • Fast and work like spying on other smartphones.
  • An easy and great user interface to use.

Download: XNSPY (Paid)

3. Life 360

Here is the most popular best family locator app on the play store with has 50M+ downloads, that truly deserve giving lots of great features to make safe and secure family life’s by correctly giving real-time location & making family always connected whether it far 100Km.

Moreover, the app has very valuable features that make our work easier like here you can create your family group privately in which you can chat and see where every member is roaming around in real-time.

Plus the best feature I like is real-time alert through which you always know when your family member is leaving or arriving at their destination.

Overall, If you need a perfect family locator app for android & iOS which gives an alert on every activity and perfectly works every time then you should have to use life 360.

Life 360: Most popular family locator app for android & iOS

The Best Thing I Like in ” Life 360″ App

  • Simple user interface.
  • Trace real-time location perfectly.
  • You can see location history.
  • Having a private map for your family with their locations.
  • It automatic detect car crash and send a notification to members.

Install: Life 360

Downloads: 50M+

4. Family Locator 360

If you are looking for simple and easy family locator app for android then here is family locator 360, in which you can only trace the live real-time location of family members on private map by just creating a family group where you can see the location of your connected members, apart from that the app having good simple user interface with no more any confusion its a free of cost app which traces many member locations at once in private map.

If you the one who only wants everyone’s location a private map without more feature confusion then family locator 360 app is best for you.

Family Locator 360: Simple family locator app for android

The Best Thing I Like in “Family Locator 360” App

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Free of cost.
  • Trace Real-time location of your loved one.
  • Works well and shows the accurate location in private maps.

Install: Family Locator 360 (Free)

Downloads: 100K+

5. Glympse

Glympse is another great option to always connect with your family using the GPS tracking the app works flawlessly without spending any penny, using the glympse you can send and receive any one location to track their real-time location, the glympse also provide you a private map group in which you can add your family members to track there location.

More importantly, you can use the app by just single sign in with your mobile no. Moreover, the app gives a simple and understandable user interface that locates your location accurately.

Overall, if you are one who is looking for best free family locator app for android & iOS devices then glympse is also a great option you can try.

Glympse: New family locator app for android & iOS

The Best Thing I Like in “Glympse” App

  • Accurate real-time locations show.
  • Save your home and works space to track.
  • Track traveling speed with location.

Install: Glympse (Free)

Downloads: 5M+

6. Find My Friend

If you are looking for lots of features best free family locator app then “find my friends” is the best app for you here the app comes with tons of great features which help you to trace your loved one’s locations correctly, to always connected with each other.

Furthermore, the app has an awesome user interface and navigation to use every single feature on app. The best feature I like is you can turn your smartphone into walkie – talkie plus while seeing location of private map you can do chat that really interesting that make always connected and feel secure.

Find My Friend: Fast family locator app for android

The Best Thing I Like in “Find My Friend” App

  • Perfectly working features and easy to use.
  • Shows every minor detail and location.
  • Configure setting as you want.
  • Instant notification in an emergency.
  • Real-time private location map.

Install: Find My friends (Freemium)

Downloads: 5M+

7. Google Maps

If you don’t want any third-party family location sharing app then here is the inbuilt android google map through which also you can share your location and add your family member’s location on it that also a great way to connect with each other. Moreover, it is more secure than any other app and shows always real-time location with a flawless google map algorithm.

The one more major reason to use google map is that it always available on every device so there is no need to install and share location every time, its a simple and perfect way to locate the location of your loved ones.

Google Maps

The Best Thing I Like in ” Google Maps” App

  • Simple and accurate location sharing.
  • Available on every device no need to install.
  • Works without ads and fast location sharing.
  • Everyone is familiar with Google maps.
  • Works all over the world.

Install: Google Maps (Free)

Downloads: 500M+

8. Find My Kids

Here is another best family tracker app for android “Find My kids” which is perfectly made for the security of your kids, the app comes with loads of great feature like it shows your kid real-time location, app usages by kid, always notify you when your kid comes to destination, you can control of kid smartphone, furthermore talk with your kid and many more awesome features.

If you always worry about your kid activity and location then find my kid app work well for you, with location and parental control you can make your child safe, apart from that the app also works well with lots of GPS watches so don’t worry and see kid activity every time.

Find My Kids: Best kids locator app for android

The Best Thing I Like in “Find My Kids” App

  • Perfectly works and having lots of features.
  • Works also with a GPS watch to never lose location.
  • Having parental control support.
  • Having a loud ring bell option.

Install: Find My Kids (Freemium)

Downloads: 10M+

Wrapping Up: Best family locator Apps For Android & iOS

These were our best-selected family location tracking apps for android & apple smartphones through which you can always connect by each other and knows the location, every app contains different unique features that make it different, above I briefly explained every app that helps you to trace your family location in real-time.

Moreover, you can also customize app settings for more advanced users. In the list of the family locator app, some app is free to use and for some, you have to pay but in which you will also experience more extra features than the free version.

I am curious to know which family location sharing app you like the most, feel free to comment below.

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