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Hey, are you looking for Proxy browsers for android?

No doubt, proxy browser is the best way to surf the internet without facing any issue with blocked website, On the internet, there are tons of blocked website which contain really helpful information in an unethical way, and every country has some website blocked by ISP for security or unethical, to bypass blocked sites and use those for that there are many methods and one of which is proxy browser android apps through which you can surf and bypass geolocation so you can access any website without any issue, Here in this article I will tell you the best proxy browser for android through which you can surf your favorite website without leaving any footprints.

What Is Proxy Browser?

Proxy browser is a type of browser where you don’t need any VPN to bypass geolocation and blocked websites through the proxy browser it will do it automatically, and it also works as a private search engine that will not track your searching data and make them secure and anonymous.

1. Blue Proxy: Unblock Websites

Here is the first best proxy browser for android through which you can surf the internet without losing your privacy, blue proxy browser helps you to access blocked websites in your countries without leaving any footprint. The app builds a strong fast proxy server so that users can experience the internet speed, The best part I like in blue proxy browser is here you will get a simple user interface where you just have to search on tab, plus you can instantly delete your browsing history.

Blue proxy browser image


  • It has unlimited bandwidth for browsing.
  • You can easily access other countries websites in the free proxy browser.
  • It will make your connection safe and secure.

Installs: 1M+

Size: 4.1MB

Download: Blue Proxy

2. Private Browser -Proxy Browser

Here is another great proxy browser that helps you to browse anonymously on the internet, here private browser comes with an inbuilt VPN free service that has more than 400 servers from 70 locations that makes the more chances to access any website from any country. The app also gives you the SSL data encryption to make the browsing more secure while access blocked websites, If you are looking for proxy browser which having global server location, best in security and the user interface then private browser is best to use.

private browser image


  • It having Inbuilt VPN and SSL encryption to make browsing more secure.
  • Here you can easily access any website from a global location.
  • The app gives you local protection like pattern lock or touch ID.
  • Having a great user interface.

Installs: 100K+

Size: 21MB

Download: Private Browser -Proxy Browser

3. Hola Free VPN Proxy

As the name suggests it’s a free VPN proxy browser through which you can access any website from any location, the app gives various free countries VPN through which we can access any content from other countries too. The proxy browser will make you safe while browsing the websites and not collect your data, Hola Free VPN proxy is another great proxy browser for android you can choose to surf on internet.

hola proxy browser image


  • Having a very simple user interface.
  • Have the option to choose a VPN for any country.
  • Make you safe and secure while browsing.
  • It gives you fast browsing experience.

Installs: 50M+

Size: 15MB

Download: Hola Free VPN Proxy

4. Free Unblock sites

If you are looking for a proxy browser for android that will give you the smart browsing experience to access all websites, and have a free VPN service then Free Unblock websites app is best for you, But in the VPN service here you will get some countries to access in free for more you have to pay, it will easily bypass the blocked website and make you surfing private, The app having a great feature to change the IP address for more secure and not trackable.

smart browser image


  • Having great security features like IP address change, hide online, hide traces.
  • The browser has a simple and easy browsing experience.
  • Free and paid VPN available to use.

Installs: 500K+

Size: 14MB

Download: Free Unblock Websites

5. Browser Aloha: Private Browser Free VPN

In terms of proxy browser here is browser aloha which works well to hide traces, and search anonymous access to any website from the world through its perfectly free VPN service. The app has a lot more features than a normal proxy browser like here you will get an ad blocker, video download player, security, and much more. Here you can browse anything, the app will not log any activity it will make you secure and safe. The app is best for access to blocked websites and feeling safe.

aloha proxy browser image


  • Browser having great speed while surfing on the internet.
  • It contains an ad blocker to block ads.
  • Make your identity safe and secure.

Installs: 10M+

Size: 67MB

Download: Browser Aloha: Private Browser Free VPN

6. Proxynel: Proxy Browser For Android

To create a difference of proxy browser here proxynel app has new feature which is dynamic IP switching through which whenever you can access it will change your IP to make you secure, and after that, you can easily access any blocked sites from any country, here you will able to turn ON and OFF the proxy browser manually as peruse. The app is really great in terms of browsing and safety you should give it a try.

proxynel image


  • You can do anonymous browsing by hiding your IP.
  • Easy to access any websites from the world.
  • The browser will not track you for browsing.
  • Browser having trusted with millions of users.

Installs: 5M+

Size: 4.1MB

Download: Proxynel: Proxy Browser

7. Super Ultimate Proxy Browser

Here is the simple proxy browser which helps you to access online and make you anonymous through browsing. Here you will get two proxy servers of location through which you can access websites and change your browsing location, Moreover it also hides your IP address while browsing and make you safe from surveillance, here you don’t need to configure proxy setting it will be done automatically.

super ultimate proxy image


  • Simple and decent user interface.
  • Having two servers location to use.
  • It will hide IP address for privacy.

Installs: 100K+


Download: Super Ultimate Proxy Browser

8. Proxy Browser for Android

Here is another great proxy browser you can choose where it gives you the option to choose custom country proxy connection by which you can use per your browsing, moreover it will make you anonymous while surfing online, using this proxy browser you can easily access any websites from all over the world for free and choose custom proxy as you want, apart from that it also having browser feature which makes the experience great and fast.


  • Having lots of features in the browser.
  • You have the option to choose a custom proxy.
  • It makes your private browsing by not collect logs.

Installs: 100K+

Size: 4.2MB

Download: Proxy Browser

Wrapping Up: Best Proxy Browser For Android

These were the android proxy app that helps you to do an anonymous browsing experience and make you surf private by hiding your IP address, every proxy app has a different feature that help you to choose the right one now let’s unblock browsing websites.

Recommended Proxy Browser for Android

Here is the proxy app ( Private Browser -Proxy Browser ) which I recommended using it’s having great privacy and holds lots of servers that help you to access any blocked websites.

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