9 Best Typing software in 2019 (Free / Paid)

Hey are you looking for best typing test software for touch typing ?

Your Typing speed is slower than your Friend ?

Here Is an solution.

Typing which is a basic requirement if you are living in a new generation while you are doing the job or you are student typing will show your personality while working on the computer you should learn touch typing which means type the words without seeing keyboard partly.

After a lot of searches and testing, I found some of the best typing software which will help you to improve your typing speed.

If your typing speed is below 40 WPM than you have to think twice about it. And invest your time to improve within a month like a professional having above 75 WPM.

For Improving and a better investment of your time Here I find Some Free/ Paid Tools which will surely help you to improve your typing speed.

Here list of Best Touch Typing Software to download for PC :

  1. Key blaze
  2. Typing.com
  3. Rata type
  4. The Typing Cat
  5. Tux Typing
  6. Typing Test
  7. 10 Fast Finger
  8. Typing Master
  9. Stamina Typing Tutor

9 Best Touch Typing Software for improving typing Speed.

1. Key Blaze (Typing Software) :

Key Blaze Software which has a very simple user interface for a better experience, Software which gives the roughly typing for improving and movement of your fingers to cover the whole keyboard.

It is easily available in 32-bit computer systems of the window XP to 64-bit computer system of window 10, quite decent if you are a beginner in typing.

Pros :

  1. Free to download
  2. Simple and Easy for Beginner

2. Typing.com

Typing.com is a website which provides the user to practice online here you just have to log in and start your typing test. Typing.com contains a lot of lessons for practicing for beginner to professional. lessons are in the format of beginner, intermediate, and for the advanced user.

In typing.com teachers having other lessons and student having others to practice in their format. It makes touch typing more efficient in their own field of interest.

Pros :

  1. Live average WPM and typing time will show
  2. Contains much more lessons than other typing software
  3. Contain test lesson of different time duration
  4. After completing test achievement will shows
  5. Lot more themes option to customize the interface

3. Rata Type :

Rata Type makes you touch type like a pro with their advance lessons to make the user type without seeing the keyboard.

Rata type will provides you an certificate after completing the test or there lesson.

The Certificate will be given on basis of platinum if you have 70 WPM speed with an accuracy of 99.5%, and Gold for 50 WPM speed of accuracy 98.7%, and same for silver 40 WPM with an accuracy of 96%.

Quite interesting and easy to get certificate online and compare your result and improve your ranking.

Pros :

  1. Check typing accuracy online
  2. Get reward and certificate after passing there a test
  3. decent user interface.

4. The Typing Cat :

Typing cat is an online typing tutor which having catchy typing skill set to make an interest in typing. with the typing cat software, you can learn and practice your typing skill with there given typing programs.

Many different keyboard layout that makes the typing more interesting and having a variety of courses where different level you can choose.

Typing cat have two courses which are paid for next level guide and having best typing test.

pros :

  1. Contain more lessons and test
  2. Having a keyboard layout
  3. Choose premium for advance level typing
  4. Having typing Games

5. Tux Typing :

Tux typing Is a software which is more interesting for the kid because it contains more lot more interesting games which may kid like If you want to enjoy while typing then tux typing is the best software which I recommend to install.

Level of game is decided based on your performance of typing.

pros :

  1. Typing is more Fun
  2. Tux typing support more languages
  3. more attractive and catchy game

6. Typing Test :

Typing test which is the most responsive and famous site for typing tutor contain test and better paragraph for the beginner as well professional.

Typing test is mostly famous for the test your speed within a minute and check RPM.

If you are intermediate user than for checking your accuracy you can choose this software.


  1. 1 Minute test check WPM and misspelled words
  2. Typing game zone

7. 10 Fast Finger :

10 Fast Finger which I like the most because of there typing test it contains different typing test of 200 word to 2000 words where you have to type as much for several minutes.

Here you can check your online performance and compete with online players in the world.


  1. Multiplayer typing test
  2. Typing competition
  3. Practice your own text
  4. Typing test up-to 1000 words advanced

8. Typing Master :

Typing Master which is again a basic and very popular in school and colleges to study learning and practice of typing.

Typing master is free to download and easily available in windows computer.


  1. WPM measure
  2. More knowledgeable sentences
  3. Typing tutor offline tool

9. Stamina Typing Tutor :

Stamina typing tutor has the same as all the typing software if you are giving more time to type and practice then it automatically known the word location and help to do touch typing.

Stamina typing tutor will having long sentence where you will write more and do practice more.


  1. Decent user interface
  2. Fast and easy words and sentences

Most searchable question on best typing software ?

Q.1 How do I become a better typist?

Ans- To become a better typist follow these rules :

  • Spend at least three hours a day in typing software.
  • Try to do type paragraph without seen your keyboard.
  • Be consistent do regular typing practice.
  • Keep focus while typing words

Q.2 Who is the best typist in the world ?

Ans- Stella pajunas is the best typist having a speed of 216 words per min that’s very fast.


Here is 9 best typing tutor software which I like the most and almost all I have tried and experience and explain in detail, I mostly like and prefer to you is Rata type.

What is your favorite software for typing practice comment below!

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