Solved: Picture Message Won’t Send Through Android Message

by Narendra

Unfortunately, Picture via text message has stopped working? Many users have been going with the same issue for their inbuilt android message app. When they want to send any Picture (MMS) to contacts via there android messaging app then it suddenly shows error and not respond at all. But no worry anymore, there are lots of fixes are available that can help you to solve your picture message won’t send or receive through messaging app issue in no time.

So no further ado, let see various ways to fix multimedia message won’t send from android.

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Fix Photo Not Send Through Text Message

1. Check Internet Connection

In case you don’t know, if you want to send a photo using text message app, then to upload that image you need internet access, So sometimes what happens is, we forget to turn on the internet that results also cause a problem. So First I recommend you to turn On your Internet Acess right aways and try to send photo.

Check Internet Connection

To turn Cellular internet on your smartphone follow these steps Go to Settings >> Connections >> Turn On Mobile data.

2. Check MMS Setting

Most of the android smartphone does not come with default MMS settings and that causes an error of image won’t send issue, So Before sending multimedia messages make sure your MMS setting is perfectly set, To set your MMS setting follow below steps carefully.

Note: Here I tell you procedure using Samsung smartphone.

Steps you have to follow to turn On MMS option:

Step: 1 Firstly, Navigate to device settings, and open connection option.

Step: 2 Now Look and go to mobile network option then >> Click on Access Point names.

Step: 3 Here click on Add option (top right corner) to add new APN.

Step: 4 Now here I am showing you an Indian Apn setting, in case you are from a different country then go to the site below and check for your country.

APN Settings For different Countries (Check Here)

In your new APN Setting you have to add below data in the different options, only make changes that below described. Not disturb any other option.

Edit Access Point

Name Vodafone MMS Or MMS
APN portalnmms
MMS proxy
MMS port9401
APN Typemms
Mobile Virtual network operator typeNone

As you enter all the above details into your APN setting then just save it and press the home button then restart your device. That’s it now try to send MMS via text message it would work well.

3. Check Message Center Number

Every other SIM company provides a message center number through which your text or multimedia message sent perfectly to your contacts, but sometimes unknowingly we erased that mobile number from our smartphone. That result also we can’t send any message to any other number.

So to solve this issue make sure you set your SIM message center number accurately, In case you don’t know your SIM center number then follow this site (Check here).

Steps you have to follow to add SIM center number:

Step: 1 Firstly, Go to your message app, then look top right side three dots and click on settings.

Step: 2 After opening of setting, Go to More setting option.

Step: 3 Then, here you will see text messages click on that. Now that’s where you will see your message center number, to change just click on it and set. That’s it you have to do.

4. Clear Cache App & Data

Corrupt cache & data could also be the problem of smartphones not send picture messages. So if the above fixes do not work for you then I recommend you clean your message cache & data files completely. To do just follow below steps:

Step: 1 Navigate to device settings and look for “Apps” options.

Step: 2 In the “Apps” option now scroll down and look for messages and click on it.

Step: 3 Now here go to storage option >>> and clear cache & data.

After you done that just close all the recent tabs and try sending image message.

5. New Update

Till now, your picture does not send in the message issue not solved then, I suggest you check the new update of the message app in the google play store, Sometimes due to bugs in old version can’t able to perform app perfectly. To update your app just follow these steps: Go to google play store >> My Apps & Games >> Look for message update.

6. (Force Stop)

By forcing stop the particular app in the smartphone is equal to installing a new app in the system, so I suggest you stop your message app and after minutes enable it, you can try force stop option that helps if any other messaging function is running in the background. So to force stop the app just follow below steps:

Step: 1 Go to Settings option & look for “Apps” and open it.

Step: 2 Now look for “message” option, and click on it.

Step: 3 After that, In the below right side you will see “force stop” option click on it. That’s it.

Now check your message app by sending images to contact is it works?

7. Reset App Preferences

Resetting app preferences is also the best solution if you are using any third-party app in your device, By reset app preference if any other app occurring problem to send MMS, that will automatically be removed and then your inbuilt message app is set as default, So here I suggest you to reset your app preference. To-Do follows below steps:

Step: 1 Go to settings & look for “Apps” Section

Step: 2 Now here look on top right side three dots, where you will see reset app preference option.

Step: 3 Just click on it and reset.

That’s it now just return your message app and send image to contacts.

Wrapping Up: Issue Solved: Photos did not Send via text Message in Android

Those were the different ways by following it accurately your problem will definitely be solved, In case your problem till now doesn’t solve then feel free to comment below, we will find your solution for sure.


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