Best 1MB Games For Android You Should Play

by Narendra

Loves 1MB game? Welcome to 1% club.

Ok, so you are addicted to various low MB game and want some more game under 1 MB?

I know, it’s quite interesting to play the game of 1 MB, that’s the real android game which gives joy and happiness within 1MB, it doesn’t matter whether it has high graphics or lots of character but without it’s the only android game which has millions of fans to play. To know all those best 1MB games, here in this article I will do a lot of hard work to handpicked the best under 1MB game that you ought to play. So no further ado let’s begin.

Best 1MB Android Games

1. Doodle Cricket

Here is the leading ultimate game under 1MB (Doodle Cricket), which is a cricket game that gives the amazing experience of cricket in cartoonist character, “make sure you don’t judge the cricket game with MB” If you really looking for the best time killer game then you should not miss the amazing doodle cricket, it’s having a great feature like dynamic angles, challenging opponent, and its quite simple to play shots, you just love it in first sight.

Downloads: 1M+

Install: Doodle Cricket (Free)

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2. Football Black Mini

Football game is the one, which always comes in our priority list of best games, to give more fun to play in new style football, then here is the football black mini, which is a simple tap and shoot football game that will be your time killer, here you can also do customization like changing shoes, caps, and many more, In under 1MB game it’s really a fantastic game to play with your friends.

Downloads: 10K+

Install: Football Black Mini (Free)

3. Fire Helicopter

If you are looking for new amazing helicopter game that having beautiful gameplay then here is fire helicopter game for you, where in the game you just have to do work to save the forest from fire as an extinguisher, Well, to be honest, the control is really amazing by touch and tilt, you should have to try the game for time pass and save nature.

Downloads: 500K+

Install: Fire Helicopter (Free)

4. Tic Tac Toe

Here is the most famous and astounding game from the childhood now it comes in the android, Tic tac toe is the only under 1MB game that might have any haters, The game contains ultimate graphics and music that makes you addicted to playing, you can play tic tac toe with your several friends in various modes like 4*4 or classic, I mostly like classic mode to play, really a great game to play for time killer.

Downloads: 500K+

Install: Tic Tac Toe (Free)

5. Trap ball

Addictive and challenging games are the best way to kill time, trap ball is one of that game that you can play, the gameplay is simple but not easy here you have to build a wall to trap many balls and the twist comes when as the level goes up, it’s quite become challenging to play, if you looking for a challenge then trap ball is the best game under 1MB that you should play.

Downloads: 100K+

Install: Trap Ball (Free)

6. Gravity Defied Pro

Here is the game which makes the racing game to the new style, here you have to ride a bike without crashing, and to make the game interesting and challenging there are lots of obstacles that makes you to almost near to crash, if you like the addictive game then you should give a try Gravity Defied pro.

Downloads: 500K+

Install: Gravity Defied Pro (Free)

7. Atomic Bomber

Want to remember your old video games days? Looking for fun & more extra, then here is the game that I suggest you play in 1 MB, As the name suggests “Atomic Bomber” just like it here also you have to bombard on terrorist, to safe your weapon and areas, The game is filled with lots of fun with amazing controls that give you smile within 1MB.

What’s more, is the graphics are pretty good with decent atomic sounds. Overall, you can say it’s a time passing game that you can play if are getting bored and not having enough internet data to download other games.

Atomic Bomber 1 mb game

Downloads: 5M+

Install: Atomic Bomber (Free)

8. The Archers 3

Here is another great time passing game, where you have to kill the birds with the archer, now the interesting part is where you have to complete the challenges by targeting and slaughter birds in one shot. Look easy but it’s not, As many birds you can kill more coins and unlock you will get just like any other games, Using those coins you can upgrade your bow and archer for more amazing shots. So what are you waiting for let’s pick up bow & arrow and kill birds in your free time, look’s funny!

The Archers 3 1 mb games

Downloads: 100K+

Install: The archer 3 (Free)

9. Moto Xtreme

Loves bike games? Wants some challenging moto game in 1MB? Then here is the ultimate moto Xtreme that caters you to a plethora of challenging levels that will easily do your time pass, The game comes with pretty good graphics with controls, that might remind you of your old days. So for bike lovers, moto Xtreme is the best option to choose in 1 MB game.

Moto Xtreme 1 mb game

Downloads: 1M+

Install: Moto Xtreme (Free)

10. Torpedo Attack 3D

Here is another arcade game in the list of 1 MB, The gameplay is simple you just have to destroy ships by using torpedo missiles, the interesting and challenging part is when you have to destroy multiple ships but you can’t handle it single. Moreover, if you looking for a time killer game that seems attractive and playable in 1MB then this game you should try.

Torpedo Attack 3D 1 mb game

Downloads: 1M+

Install: Torpedo Attack (Free)

Wrapping Up: Best 1MB Game To Play

These were the great list of 1MB game, where I included my favorite android game that I always played whenever I get bored or whenever I don’t have any internet, These game are really worth to play that gives you real fun and make you remember the old days of your life, which game you like in list, Is there any more 1MB game you want to add on list then feel free to comment below.

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