Solved: YouTube Won’t Run Without Google Play Service {Error}

by Narendra

Hey, are you getting youtube won’t run without google play service error?

Life is going well until our youtube starts acting up. And then usual we start cursing it. Even we know it’s a small error that sometimes happens. But smartphones are a vital part of our life and then minor issues seem major and get us frustrated. But errors on youtube such as “Youtube won’t run without google play service” or “youtube Won’t Run Unless You Update Google Play Service In Android” and much more like that issue really annoyed. And to be honest, we all get addicted to the youtube platform so it’s to come in irritation.

And in these problems, we know after updating google play service it might get solved, but don’t know how to fix it correctly! However, worry not here we are to solve your problem, In this article, we are going to tell a plethora of ways with step by step that will definitely solve your youtube won’t run error completely, So no further ado let’s begin.

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1. Let’s Wash YouTube

First of all, let’s clear the old cache files & data of your youtube app, Sometimes the old error cache files and data are placed and then it repeats whenever you open the app. So to clear that, follow below steps :

Step: 1 Firstly, go to your smartphone setting.

Step: 2 Now look for the “Apps” option where all of your device apps are shows, In my case of Samsung device it is straight below in settings option.

Step: 3 Now open it and scroll down to look for youtube app or you can also search on the top bar.

Step: 4 As you find the app now, click on the storage option, where you will see two options clear data & clear cache. Now Just click on it to clear youtube cache and data.

After removing everything from recent items and restart youtube. Is your problem solved? If not then check out another way.

2. Update Google Play Store

The error might be occurring due to improper updating or installation of google play service on your smartphone. So let’s check if your google play service is installed correctly or not, to do that follow below steps:

Step: 1 Firstly, Go to play store and click on upper left side three bars.

Step: 2 Now look for setting option and open it.

Step: 3 Now scroll down to bottom, and click on last-second option that is “Play Store Version“.

Step: 4 If it starts updating as you click, then continue it, otherwise, it will show you “google play store is up to date”.

3. Clean Google Play Service’s

Another hope to run youtube correctly is by well cleaning of google play services, sometimes due to the third-party install application get disturbed the google services that result in inbuild apps have to face an error. So Let’s washed the google play service correctly to do just follow below steps.

Step: 1 Go to your device setting and look for apps option by just scrolling down.

Step: 2 Now open “Apps” and either search for “google play services” on search bar or scroll down and look for it.

Step: 3 Click on it and go to storage option where you will see options to “clear cache” and in manage storage option “clear all data” tap on both options to clean google play services

Step: 4 As you are done that now again follow the above describe 2 ways to update google play services, then just restart your device and open the youtube app. Is that work for you? If not then check out next tip.

4. Download New Version

In the case above all the methods not works for you or you were not found google play services on your smartphone, then I suggest you first download the google play service latest version from a trusted third party site, after that your error might be solved properly. So below I provide a link to download google play service, you just simply install it on your device, and then check for error is still there or not.

Download: Google play service (Free)

5. Reset App Preference

In android “reset app preference” is another most amazing feature that helps us to reset all the apps whether it’s a disabled app, inbuilt, permission app, or any default apps, so if your youtube getting an error from some hidden source of disturbed setting then reset app preference is the best way to solve your error completely. So lastly I recommend you to reset your app preference. To do just follow below steps properly.

Step: 1 Go to your smartphone setting and scroll down and look for apps option where all your apps are listed.

Step: 2 After opening “Apps” tab, Now on the top right side you will see three dots click on it, where new pop-up window opens.

Step: 3 Now choose last option “Reset App Preferences” and then click on reset.

That’s it, now all your apps are reset with default new settings. Now just restart your device and open youtube, I hope your issue is solved properly.

We Hope Your Youtube won’t run without google play service Issue solved

These were some helpful tips to solve your youtube error problem, And no doubt, google play service occurred error is annoyed and not only it causes an error on youtube but also it might be started showing on other apps too. So if you are having google play service-related problem then I suggest you to follow the above ways that work well in every situation.

Lastly, Let us know in the comment below if your issue is solved? and which way it worked for you.


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