Top 5 Smartphone Manufacturing Companies In The World

by Narendra

No Doubt, In the cell phone manufacturing and shipment in world, there always have tough competition to become the No 1 smartphone manufacturer and seller, from the reports says every quarter smartphones companies selling and manufacturing having huge up and downs due to there new rapidly smartphone manufacturing companies comes with tons of features and cutoff price rate, especially Chinese variant smartphones manufacturing are rapid increases throughout the world with there smartphones, so it might be very tough for world largest phone makers to be on the top.

With that, Hereafter doing a great research on top smartphones manufacturing companies variations, We compiled a complete list of best smartphone manufacture companies in the world as per there market shares and shipment market all over the world, so let’s check it out which hold the No 1 position from all over the world in the smartphone manufacturing and selling industry in the Latest Q 3 of 2019.

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List of Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer Companies In the World

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1. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

With the market share of 21.8% in Quater 3 of 2019, Samsung smartphone become the biggest cell phone manufacturer in the world, as per report Samsung almost shipped 292 million smartphones all over the world, morever Samsung also the major manufacturer in electronics product that makes flash memories, batteries, chips for the other smartphones companies some are sony, HTC, Nokia and many more, morever in latest Samsung flagships that going great with higher demand are Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and in the mid-range phones that sells increased rapidly are Samsung Galaxy J5 series, and A series.

As per the data shows Samsung smartphones have strong market coverage from the long year in every quarter that makes it the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturing company with having rapid improvement in its revenue, The report says in the last 2018 Samsung revenue crossed US$221.6 billion.

2. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

With having the market share of 18.6% in Q3 2019, Huawei comes in the second position of world top smartphone manufacturing company, which is a Chinese multinational company founded in 1987 now it’s the second rapidly growing cell phone brand which had total revenue of US$105.191 billion (2018) data. As per the report say Huawei sold 387 million smartphones in theQ3 of 2019 all over the world.

The best smartphones Huawei sold in 2019 are these.

  • Huawei P30 Pro.
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro.
  • Huawei P30.
  • Huawei P20 Pro.
  • Huawei P20.
  • Huawei Mate 20 X.

3. Apple Inc.

With having a global market share of 13% apple comes down to the third position, Its a US-based multination company founded by steve jobs in 1976, In the revenue, Apple is the world’s largest technology company with have US$265.595 billion (2018) Data.

Apple every year comes with lots of tech products and smartphones in which 2019 apple launched its major flagships smartphone  ‎iPhone XR · ‎iPhone 11 · ‎iPhone 11 Pro with having powerful performance and new chipset upgraded.

4. Xiaomi

With having 9.1% global market share in Q3 2019, xiaomi comes in the fourth position in the list of top cell phone manufacturing company, xiaomi is a second Chinese company brand in the list founded in 2010, and also its the fastest growing tech smartphone brand which having revenue of $24.5 billion (2018) data.

Morever beside smartphones xiaomi having a long and new range of product that also rapidly covers the global market, as per report xioami become the no 1 brand in India 2019, In the best selling smartphone xiaomi have Redmi 7A, Redmi Note 7 Pro and Redmi Note 7S as per the report.

5. Oppo

With a global market share of 8.7% in Q3 2019, oppo comes in the fifth position, In the list oppo is the third Chinese brand which is rapidly growing and capturing global market, In the best selling smartphone oppo having.

  • OPPO F7 64GB.
  • OPPO F7 128GB.
  • OPPO F5.
  • OPPO A71.

Wrapping Up: Top CellPhone Manufacturer companies in the world

These were the top cell phone manufacturer which covers the global market, here in this article list is categorized by there global market share in Q3 2019, as per data and references are taken from Wikipedia and companies website.

With the top market share with 21.8% Samsung become the No 1 cell phone manufacturing company in the world, but in terms of revenue, Apple beat Samsung and hold the first position.

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