How To Open Any Websites With Shortcut key In Google Chrome

by Narendra

No doubt, Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers which is used by millions of user, but there are also lots of useful hidden features that can make chrome browsing and user experience more awesome than before.

Let’s think how great it was if you can open any of your favorite websites by just a single key, without typing the full website name, isn’t it cool.

Yes, you can do that with google chrome browser with any of your favorite shortcut keys, that will save your time and make you a great experince much faster than before.

If you have a hobby to read blogs, news or you are surfing particular website from chrome browser much time in a day, then shortcut key feature make you work easy and after that, you don’t have to think website name nor you have to type, just press a single key and it will boom open.

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Steps To “Open Any Website With Shortcut key In Google Chrome”

Step 1: Open your Chrome Browser In Laptop and Go to the upper “right corner” and click on three dots.

Step 2: Then you have to go “Setting option” that is the last third option, click on it.

Step 3: After opening the chrome setting, there are many options on the left side, you have to choose the “search engine option” click on that.

Step 4: Now select the second option “Manage search option” >> and go to add button showing there.

Step 5: After clicking on the add button, you have to enter the search engine Ex: “”. In the Keyword, option chooses your favorite shortcut key through which you want to open the website.

After that in the URL option, just enter the Website URL which you want to go, and click on add. That’s all

Now whenever you want to go on that website just type your shortcut key in chrome URL Bar and press enter, it will automatically redirect to that website as fast as possible.

Wrapping Up: Open Any Website With Shortcut key

These were the steps you have to follow for making shortcut key in google chrome browser to open webpages you like, shortcut keys are the best way for fast web browsing and save you the most time. The best thing is that you can also change the search engine if you want to use other then google for surfing.

Is there any problem related while making shortcut key for a website then feel free to comment down I will sure look on it.

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