Best Online Payment Apps In India 2022

by Narendra

Hey ! are you looking for an best online payment apps to pay the online bill?

In 2022 Indian govt continuously more aware in terms of secure online payment and start making cashless India, and in that question has to be arises.

Which is the best app for online payment to pay bills ad used as a payment wallet?

For that, here in this article, we have compiled the latest best online payment apps through which you can make payment and pay your household bill securely using the UPI Payment method.

Best Online Payment Apps 2022

These are the best mobile wallet Apps in India at a glance:

  • Paytm
  • Phone Pe
  • Amazon pay
  • Google Pay
  • Niki
  • PayZapp
  • Free Charge
  • BHIM App
  • Ola Money
  • Future Pay

1. Paytm [ Overall Best Online Payment App ]

Here is the first best online payment app in India. Paytm is the largest e-commerce online payment app which was launched in the year 2010, after the 9 yr of the app launched paytm covers the most shares in India having the parent organization named as One97 communication.

With the help of paytm, you can pay your household bill, book a movie ticket, bus ticket, airplane ticket, order food, and many more options are available.

Features of Paytm

1. Paytm wallet

With the help of paytm wallet, you can use your paytm app as a wallet by which you can pay any bill payment online as well as book any tickets and more.

2. Add Bank Account

Paytm provide users to add bank account or paytm will create a new bank account if you don’t have one. Through bank account linked you can easily send or receive payment online, you have the option to check passbook and many more options better than an offline bank account.

3. Exciting Offers

In terms of offers, paytm provide tons of different offers to users for earning cashbacks and dicounts.

4. Cashbacks

In terms of cashback paytm is one of the best cashback online payment app that provide users cashback on almost every bill payment either its an electricity bill, buying gold, online money transfer, or adding cash in wallet.

5. UPI Transfer

Paytm comes with new UPI bank transfer technology by which you can send money through UPI (Unified Payment Interface) directly into the receiver bank.

After all, paytm is the largest mobile payment app and having a trusted user base of 100+ million so if you want to do secure online payment then paytm is the foremost option.

Install: Paytm (Free)

2. Phone Pe [ Mobile Payment App For Offers ]

Phone Pe is another best online payment and bill app that is launched in December 2015 in Bengaluru, It also gives service to pay bills, book tickets, pay taxes, insurance, gas, recharge mobile, and much more with phone Pe.

If you are looking for a payment app that provides tons of cashback and having a great user interface then phone pe is another good option you can go with.

Features of Phone Pe

1. Offers and Cash-backs

Mostly phone pe is known for there exciting offers where they provide users a multiple things for instance, cashbacks, traveling & movie tickets, and much more.

2. UPI

Same as paytm UPI payment, Phone pe also gives you the service of UPI through which you can send money through UPI addresses.

3. Phone Pe wallet

Every reward and cashback is stored in the phone pe wallet you can use wallet money in online payment.

4. Easy for Mobile Recharge

Phone pe app makes mobile recharge easier with their technology it only needs 3 steps to make mobile recharge.

5. Safe and Secure

Phone pe using new technology which will make your online payment very safe and secure with their certified data.

Install: Phone Pe (Free)

3. Amazon Pay [ Trusted & Secure Payment App ]

Amazon Pay is another great UPI and online payment app that Amazon launched in 2017 after the trend of online payment and shopping increased. Amazon decided to launch an internal application that will do the online payment of recharge, bill payment, and pay to external merchants.

Feature of Amazon pay

1. Great Offer

Because of the new launching of Amazon pay, Amazon gives users the best offers from external merchants in bill payments, shopping, and different food outlets to make visible to the market.

2. Gift card & Cash backs

Amazon pay will give cashback in the form of a gift card which is non- transferable but it can use in the shopping and bill payment.

3. Auto reload option

Amazon pay will automatically reload your money through a bank in the Amazon wallet for pay, if you set up.

4. External Merchant

Advantage of the biggest e-commerce website amazon all external merchants will be the part of Amazon pay and give the user the best offers to use their option.

5. Easy to use

While shopping on Amazon it’s quite easy when amazon pay is launched with Amazon pay user will pay the price with one click after they will do KYC in their account

6. Safe and Secure

Most secure payment app from the biggest e-commerce website amazon you can trust and make payment through many methods.

Install: Amazon (Free)

4. Google Pay (Tez) [ Google Online Payment App ]

Google pay is the next online payment app which is developed by Google In terms of the safe and secure transaction through bank to bank as a UPI payment.

Features of Google Pay

1. Bill Payment

Google pay gives you option to pay bills online with one-click payment will transact through the bank, there is no wallet as paytm.

2. Offers

With every transaction of payment, you will get a scratch card in which cashback will disclose after scratching the card.

3. Security

Google developed google pay that payment security has no question it is a trusted app from Google.

Install: Google Pay (Free)

5. Niki [ For Offers, & Bill Pay App ]

Niki app is a new and different online payment app as compare to others in which you can pay your bill and recharges and do many more things but Niki app has a different interface from others it means you have to do chat to make payment.

Feature of Niki app

1. Chat and Payment

You have to do chatting or ask Niki to pay electricity bill payment, do a recharge like that.

2. Offers

Especially for the new offers, the Niki app is famous. It is attached to the Amazon and many bigger e-commerce websites to make offers with them.

Install: Niki (Free)

6. PayZapp [ Secured Online Transaction App ]

Pay Zapp is also be used to pay the bill through credit and debit card. payZapp is from HDFC bank which is more secure with their terms and condition users will make online payment of bills, recharges, etc.

Features of Payzapp

1. Fast and Secure

With Payzapp you can enjoy the most secure way of payment online send money without any hesitation and insecurity.

2. Best Offer

In terms of the offer, Payzapp app gives instant cashback when you do any transaction to the bill payment or any mobile recharge.

3. Ease to Use

A simple and great interface including the app.

Install: PayZapp (Free)

7. Free Charge [ Fast & Easy Online Pay App ]

Free charge is the same popular payment wallet app as Paytm which is the simplest and fastest way to make any payment online in prepaid mobile or any DTH, It also contains a wallet in which you can add your money through the bank.

Features of Free charge

1. Promo code

The free charge is popular for its promo codes by which it will give you a discount on any recharge or payment.

2. Wallet

Safe and secure wallet option where all the cashback and withdrawal money handle safe and securely.

3. Popular

On every outlets and shop, you will get the QR code to make payments so you will not have any problem regarding the online payment.

Install: Free Charge (Free)

8. BHIM app [ Secured & Fast Bill Pay App ]

BHIM is the Indian mobile payment app which is basically a UPI app which can transfer funds through other BHIM UPI id every user have different user BHIM ID. It was launched by the Indian government prime minister on Dec 2016.

Features of BHIM App

1. Pay Bill

You can pay your bill through bank account in an easy method. There are lots of bill pay option like DTH, Water, Electricity and much more.

2. Safe and Secure app

With the certified govt launched the app BHIM is safe and secure in the payment.

3. Offer

When you paying an online bill or transfer money to make cashless India that app gives you offers.

Install: BHIM UPI (Free)

9. Ola Money [ Payment App for Travel ]

Ola money is also a great app but you have to recharge the wallet through credit and debit card which can be used everywhere like ola ride or buy accessories.

Feature of Ola Money

1. Cabs bill

With the help of ola money, you can easily do the payment of ola cabs and from that, you can earn more cashback.

2. Wallet

Ola money having a safe wallet through which you can send and receive money into a wallet or in the account.

Install: Ola Money (Free)

10. Future pay [ Shopping Online Payment App ]

Future pay is the digital wallet for shopping in the big brand and makes payment to get exciting offers and it will give you a loyalty card which you can redeem while shopping.

Install: Future Pay (Free)

Wrapping up: Best Online Payment Apps

These were the 10 best online payment and UPI apps through which you can pay your household bills, make DTH recharge and pay any bill it helps you to transfer the money to the bank to a bank transfer, It will help you to do online shopping as well use offline payment app through many merchant websites.

Which online payment method you are using in India? Let Me Know In Comment Section Below.

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