Best Wireshark Alternatives For Android & Windows

by Narendra

Packet capture, Mojo packets, and more. Here’re the best Wireshark alternatives for android and windows.

There’re lots of alternatives to Wireshark in android as well as in windows, which also have the same work as the official Wireshark does. Still, for sake of understanding, you should have better knowledge about the Wireshark, so firstly, Let me tell you what the hell is Wireshark?

What is Wireshark?

Wireshark is a network analyzer which analyzes the packets ( Information coming from a service provider or your private information ) with the deep inside and it will help you to capture the information that is driven in that network whether its an ISP(Internet Service Provider) or any wifi, after using Wireshark you can-do man in the middle attack as per hacking to hack someone private information before departing to the user, it’s a powerful network analyzer.

Wireshark is readily available on google for windows and other operating systems, you can also easily access the software for windows and other more operating systems, but there is no availability in android, you have to use the alternative of Wireshark that also works well as a Wireshark. Here in this article, I will tell you the best Wireshark alternatives for Android & Windows.

1. Packet Capture

Wireshark Alternative For Android

Here is the first Wireshark alternative android app which works as Wireshark. Here in packet capture, it will help you to capture the aggregate information in the form of packets, like if you are using a browser, then it will collect the complete information in the package which you can see, Plus you can easily use the app without rooting your smartphones.

The best part about the packet capture if you are an app developer then this app a very useful in developing an app with that you can do debugging while making an app. You can also use the app as a hacking to capture private detail through man in middle attack before doing you have detailed information about ethical hacking then you can do.

Packet Capture [Wireshark Alternative For Android]

Download: Packet Capture (Free, Android)

2. Mojo Packets

Wireshark Alternative For Windows

Here is another best Wireshark alternative which is available for Windows OS, Using the mojo packets you can quickly troubleshoot the problem in cloud-based wifi by just going deep traces through the software, there are lots of great features like it can organize the marks so that it will quickly find through caching storages.

mojo packet wireshark alternative

Best Features Of Mojo Packets

  • Easy to drop Packets in the cloud to solve the wifi Problems.
  • Monitor by just single signing and control from anywhere.
  • You can also share packets with notes.

Download: Mojo Packets (Windows)

3. zANTI

Wireshark Alternative For Android

zANTI is named as (ZIMPERIUM) which is a mobile penetration tool, with the powerful application you can quickly discover the harmful elements if there is in your network means if you are connected with any wifi which having some hacking application used there then with zANTI app you can discover and make you safe, you need to enable the option of IT administrator after that if there is any malicious activity is ongoing then it will find or identify that activity.

zanti wireshark alternatives

To download the application you need to provide an email address, click on download then you will see the activity which is ongoing to the network, before using the app you have to root the app for best use, you can use the app as detailed information of others as well as for your security purpose to identify the illegal activity in your connected network.

Best Features Of zANTI

  • Easy to diagnose the vulnerability in mobile.
  • Maintain reports of attacks and security activity.
  • Full map access which shows you the vulnerabilities in the network.
  • It will scan the networks with different levels to identify the properties and vulnerabilities.

Download: zANTI (Free, Root Required, Android)

4. cSpolit

Wireshark Alternative For Android

Here is another excellent mobile network testing tool, here you will get the complete advanced security in android, you can see the network map of your internal server which you connected, you can use cSpolit as a hacker point of view to know the information of your connected network, or you can also use the app to make you secure from the illegal activity handle on your network, Its a vulnerability and exploits finder tool in your network system with enumerating with the localhost.

Using cSpolit, you can also hack the wifi password by just entering in wifi network like a man in the middle attack and enter the random pin to crack the wifi, it’s the best tool for the IT purpose and security to know the activity.

Best Feature of cSpolit Application

  • Using this app, you can crack the wifi password.
  • You can find Vulnerabilities in your network.
  • You can install Backdoors for use.
  • Capture different pcap trade files on network.
  • Full map access in your network.

Download: CSploit (Free, Android)

5. Debookee

Wireshark Alternative For Windows

Debookee is again a compelling software to analyze the network traffic from the connected devices, Using Debookee you can capture data from your network and there is no need for any proxy setting you can do by just one click, decryption of your traffic, and analyze the network on your devices, it can be run in real-time and supports the HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, DHCP, and many more protocols.

Debookee comes with Free and Paid version wherein free version, you can scan your connected wifi network and do Snooping on that network, It will give you the real-time IPs of all Networks whether it’s an HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, and more but it is limited in the free version.

In the paid version you will get the advance option and more plans better than free, the paid plan is of $29.90 to $169.90 you can take as per your need, In debookee there are lots of great features you can do let discuss below.

Best Feature Of Debookee

  • You can also monitor the(WM) Module
  • Having SSL/TLS module system
  • Best for network analyzer in your networks

Download: Debookee (Windows)

6. Net Monster

Wireshark Alternative For Android

Here is the network monitoring app (Net Monster) which show you the information of nearby mobile networks, it’s an excellent application to find out the news of cellular network in the in-depth details, NetMonster contains lots of great features that help you to determine illegal signal or which sim card and network type the other user use.

It will show you the complete map of other’s networks by caching the details of their network without knowing it, The mobile app is free to use, and it’s an ad-free Android app that you can install on your smartphone without any loss.

net monster picture

Best Features Of Net Monster

  • Capture in-depth details of ant cellular networks quickly.
  • Having a Great User interface to use well.
  • Shows the full map of nearby networks with information on sim cards.

Download: Net Monster (Free, Android)

7. Wifi Inspector

Powerful Wifi detector Wireshark alternative

Wifi inspector is an android app, which will help you to detect the wifi details of other networks which are connected through your wifi, sometimes some illegal user is connected to your wifi router, and it can also make an attack on your wifi, to make you aware who is connected to your wifi router.

Using wifi inspector you will get the full information of any user who is connected illegally with your network with the user IP and DNS server and much detailed information about that network, it can use for both wired and wifi connections, and it will show you the manufacture drive and mac address to be the safe on your wifi router.

your wifi wireshark

The best part is it will save the whole information in the file to look upon it, Wifi inspector continuously working and scanning for an intruder and collects the IPs of that network, it’s really a great android app to aware of with the illegal user in your wifi modem.

Best Feature Of Wifi Inspector

  • It collects the whole information of that user.
  • A fast scan of an intruder within 30 sec.
  • Having a simple and straightforward design.

Download: Wifi Inspector (Free, Android)

8. Smart Sniff

Wireshark Alternative To Windows

Here is the nirsoft software (Smart Sniff) which is a network monitoring tool through you can capture the data of any network which is crossing through your network adaptor like you can capture their IPs / TCP it’s working like a man in middle attack you will be able to see any data which is passing through your adapter to avid the problem user are making in your network or doing some unethical activity.

From capturing packets you can also do wrong type work with that network its purely an alternative of Wireshark, its work in windows OS and other operating systems.

smart sniff

You can capture packets by Microsoft network drivers, and it detects the ongoing and outgoing packets from the unsecured wireless network in windows. Really a great tool, if you know how to use it properly.

Best features of Smart Sniff

  • Very fast working to capture data on a large scale
  • It can also capture data from unsecured networks
  • Make secure your network adapter from sniffing

Download: SmartSniff( Free, Windows)

Some Additional Wireshark Alternatives You Should Know

1. Savvius Omnipeek – This is the traffic analyzer and packet capture tool that helps you to collect packets.

2. Ettercap – One of the best Wireshark alternatives that collect hacker’s activities and captures some useful pieces of information.

3. EtherApe – This is the tool through which users can see live connections and capture packets. You can also call it a network mapper.

4. PRTG Monitor – This is the tool through which users can monitor a plethora of things despite different locations.

Curious Question’s About Wireshark

Q.1 Is Wireshark is a virus?

Ans: No, Wireshark is not a virus or any type of virus including malware, spyware, and others, as per we check Wireshark with various antivirus software, the report always comes clean. So don’t worry about that.
And you might be thinking what about Wireshark alternatives. So for that just like Wireshark, their alternatives are also not a virus.

Q.2 Can We Detect Wireshark?

Ans: No, You can not detect Wireshark that capturing packets from your network, the reason behind this is because Wireshark is used as a passive sniffing technique where Wireshark only listens and capturing traffic data but does not interact with a network so you can’t detect any Wireshark.

Q.3 Wireshark is an Active sniffing or Passive Sniffing?

Ans: There are two types of sniffing, active sniffing and passive sniffing.
Active sniffing launches flooding attacks to the network to capture the packets with interaction.

Passive sniffing is vice versa of active sniffing wherein passive sniffing captures traffic & listens without any interaction. so the user never knows anyone using Wireshark on their network.

Q.4 Wireshark Capture HTTPS or not?

Ans: OK, let me tell you HTTPS server is fully encrypted from point to point not like HTTP where a connection is not secured, so to decrypt HTTPS encryption layer is not possible for Wireshark to do.

Q.5 Do Hackers Use Wireshark?

Ans: Yes, Wireshark is one of the essential tools for ethical hackers to collect real time network traffic, more importantly when it use with other tools it gives best results.

Wrapping Up: Best Alternatives To Wireshark

These were the tools which you can use in terms of Wireshark; it will help you to capture the full details of outside networks through which you will be able to know who is misleading with your network signals, Wireshark alternatives are available for android and windows and other more operating systems that we will look next time.

Hope you get the desired Wireshark alternatives for your android and windows device, is there any query related to Wireshark then comment down, I will try to solve your problem.

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