Best Free WiFi Hotspot Software for PC (With Pictures)

Wifi hotspot software is the greatest option to create free hotspot in any device whether it low-end PC or Next generation, Most of the time condition came in to create wifi hotspot in PC and PC doesn’t having the inbuilt option to create hotspot here the free wifi hotspot software comes to solve all of your problems to create hotspot in an easy way.

In this article, I will give you the best free wifi hotspot software for your PC whether its window 7,8 or window 10, Wifi software will work on all platforms.

Note: Before starting these free wifi hotspot software make sure you are using .net framework version 3.5 is installed on your system.

Best Virtual Hotspot software to download for PC

1. Connectify Me

Connectify hotspot is the most popular free hotspot creator brand in the world and the reason why I put in #1 in the list with the help of connectify me you can share your internet through creating virtual hotspot whether you are connected with wifi or data connection.

Before using connectify you should know that connectify me comes with two versions free and paid version.

Free Version Features :

  • Hotspot easily connected to all devices through wifi.
  • Available in 10 different languages
  • Ad blocking service ( not showing ad on smartphone while connected to hotspot )
  • 30 min of the runtime of a hotspot.

Paid version Feature :

  • You can easily share your data pack internet through hotspot.
  • You can change hotspot name
  • Wifi repeater option ( expand signals )
  • Bridging mode available ( for gaming buddies )

Steps to create Hotspot in Connectify me :

  1. Firstly download connectify me and install it on pc.
  2. Make sure you are connected through wifi before creating a hotspot.
  3. If you having paid version then you can change the hotspot name.
  4. You can share your password for connecting through hotspot.
  5. Now just click on start hotspot and your hotspot is created.

Available Platform: Windows

Download: Connectify me

2. mHotspot

Here is the best option to choose if you are looking for free software which will cover almost all parts of paid version then trust you can go for mHotspot.

It’s having the almost same feature as connectify me without using there paid version mHotspot allow you to share internet through LAN, Wifi, Data pack which makes different and better from connectify me.

Free Version Feature :

  1. mHotspot allow the user to connect up to 10 devices.
  2. You can extend wifi range through wifi repeater.
  3. Less storage of system will cover
  4. Track details of internet usage uploading and downloading speed.
  5. Best for gaming connection.

Steps to create Hotspot in mHotspot software :

  1. Firstly go through the official website, download MHotspot and install it on your system.
  2. After installing you will see options like Hotspot name, password, max client.
  3. From these options you can change Hotspot name, you can control hotspot sharing devices with client limit, choose a strong password.
  4. Then click on start hotspot.

Available Platform: Windows

Download: mHotspot

3. MaryFi Hotspot

MaryFi another great option to choose in the free plan that creates a portable hotspot in your window computer something like connectify free plan option.

It is the third most trusted software for secure and easy with the help of maryFi you can wirelessly share your internet connection with the cable modem, cellular data, and from wifi as well.

Features of MaryFi Hotspot :

  1. You can extend the range of Hotspot with the help of repeater.
  2. You can change the password after that it will automatically connect.
  3. Password protected WPA2 encryption.

Steps to create Hotspot in maryFi Hotspot :

  1. Download and install MaryFi Software from website
  2. After installing you have seen lots of option to configure the setting.
  3. Setup wifi name and password.
  4. After that check whether internet access is available.
  5. Now just hit the start hotspot.

Available platform: Windows

Download: MaryFi

4. Virtual router Plus

If you looking for decent and simple interface software than virtual router plus is the great software for you. It will also provide service to create a hotspot from any network but its little bit different programmable.

Virtual router plus is different from the above software Its program written in C++ and have the open source you don’t need any installation.

You have to download and unzip the zip file that’s all its work for you it’s one of the most secure hotspot software which will not be showing the single ad on the network.

Feature of Virtual router plus software :

  1. No ads were showing on windows or smartphones.
  2. Safe and secure web activity.
  3. Decent and easy installation just unzip the file.
  4. Free open source programming is done.

Steps to create Hotspot in Virtual router plus :

  1. Download and install file from the website
  2. The file is in the zip folder with the help of any software unzip (extract) file and open application.
  3. Now you will be showing virtual id and password.
  4. Click on start Hotspot for begin.

Available platform: Windows

Download: Virtual Router Plus

5. Wifi Hotspot Pro

As the named suggest the great hotspot user orientated software with having decent interface it also having the same feature and working as all of the above software have, wifi hotspot pro is like an alternative of connectify and other software from which you can create a hotspot and share your internet.

Feature of Wifi Hotspot Pro

  1. Having a decent interface for sharing internet access.
  2. free to use and secure with password
  3. Customize the network options.

Steps to create Hotspot in wifi hotspot pro :

  1. Download and install software from the window.
  2. There is a lot more option to choose just click on start and goes into the setting where configure the settings.
  3. Now just click on start hotspot option.

Available Platform: Windows

Download: Wifi Hotspot pro

6. My public Wifi

My public Wifi having the same function as above software having but there is lot more new feature that makes it extraordinary like its built-in firewall more safe and secure than other

Here I list out the main extra feature of My Public wifi:

  1. WPA2 encryption system to make hotspot more secure.
  2. Built-in firewall feature that makes extra.
  3. compatible in all windows system 10, 8, 7 and more.
  4. Allows us to track our internet shares data.

Steps to start Hotspot in My public wifi :

  • Download and install software from the official website.
  • After installation, all the steps are the same and you can easily configure the network.
  • After configuring setting than click on start hotspot.

Available platform: Windows

Download: My Public wifi


All the above 6 free hotspot software which will help you to share your internet with your friends and family members, each software were clear explain with simple steps above there was lot more free portable software but these are the 6 best free software to be used.

Let me know it will help you to share your internet with your friends.

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