Best Alternatives Of Chinese Mobile Apps

by Narendra

In the present, Many reports have been coming out on various Chinese mobile apps that leak user data & their personal information to Chinese center, and if we talk about the recent case, then Mi browser, UC browser, and TikTok have been sending data to a Chinese server, that overlook the user’s privacy and it’s a major concern that we have to aware immediately about these cases. For that, to be on the safe side and save our private data to leak, then there is only one option left for everyone us is to remove all the Chinese mobile apps and use Chinese apps alternatives that are secure more than any Chinese apps. So, in order to know which are the best alternatives of Chianese android apps that protect the privacy and won’t leak our personal data, Here is a complete list of best free Chinese apps alternatives that you should use in your smartphone freely.

Best Chinese Apps Alternatives in 2020

1. Files By Google ( Alternatives Of Share it & Xender)

Well, to be honest, we all have been using shareit & Xender from many couples of year, that time these apps are best in privacy with contained lesser features, but you might don’t know, after the new update of shareit it totally reforms into the social entertainment and movie app, just like helo and likee. Being a file-sharing app this formation totally looks like a scam that not protect user privacy seriously. Moreover, there are much more money-making activities going on such as loot challenges, cash award to capture users data and contains too many ads.

 Files By Google ( Alternatives Of Share it & Xender)

Similarly, Xender has been included various unwanted things like social media activity downloader, gaming, and songs converter, frankly speaking, that not the file-sharing app work, it more looks like a big cheat to user privacy. If I am in your case I would definitely think to move to another best alternative of these Chinese apps. I have a great recommendation for you that is files by google, the app work flawlessly and transfer files with speed up to 480Mbits. What’s more is you can also transfer files offline, ease user interface, clean your device with one click, and many more features.

The best thing is the app not contains any ads, and protect your device with malwares and viruses.

Download: Files By Google (Free)

2. Adobe Scan ( Cam Scanner Alternative)

As you may already know about cam scanner news, In 2019, it was removed from the play store due to finding a malware module in it. No offense, but the cam scanner is also the Chinese company app, and as per reports, it might harm user data privacy as it did earlier. So my recommendation is to move another secure cam scanner alternative that won’t a Chinese app, for that, I suggest some apps like adobe scan, Microsoft lens, Doc Scanner, that you should use. 

Adobe Scan ( Cam Scanner Alternative)

All these alternatives are best in features such as modify scans, editing page layout, size, Scan anything and convert, search and extract PDF, and many more features better than cam scanner. To be on the safe side and not want to harm your private data in a smartphone then I recommend you to move right now from cam scanner.

Download: Adobe Scan (Free)

3. Firefox (UC browser Alternative)

Firefox & Google chrome is the best alternative of the UC browser that you should use. As you may already know about UC browser multiple news about, where it steals & sell’s user data, although there is no fixed proof but to be on the safe side and secure your private browsing data is a major concern that you should think. For that I recommend you to go with either firefox or google chrome. These are two trusted web browser that is better than any Chinese or unsecured browser. As a matter of fact google chrome is one of the most popular and fastest browsers where it provides users great security of data as well it contains lots of features that every user wants to increase there productivity.

Download: Firefox (Free)

4. Roposo & Triller (Tik Tok ,Likee, Helo Alternatives)

No doubt, these Chinese video-making platform covers the whole world market, where peoples are making various types of videos and share with various social media’s, but do you ever think how badly these apps impacting on children’s, Let me tell you clearly, over a million’s of children are using TikTok, likee, helo every day and consuming various type video without any privacy or locked legal age content. As reports say TikTok misguiding children to do unusual activities and making illegal videos where there is no private content option nor any parental control features through which parents will do something. Similarly, likee & helo are doing. You don’t know how badly these Chinese apps cover your child’s mind and feeding waste information.

Triller (Tik Tok ,Likee, Helo Alternatives)

So, to be on the safe side and need perfect content that will not affect your mind then triller & roposo is the best alternative of TikTok, if you are a big fan of TikTok then you will definitely gonna like triller. These apps are the same as your TikTok where you can upload videos, change filters, include songs, do editing, and share with millions of peoples, just the same as TikTok do. So my recommendation for you is to move on to a triller or roposo.

Download: Triller & Roposo (Free)

5. Microsoft Team ( Zoom Alternative)

Recently, a plethora of news reports said that zoom the video conferencing platform leaking and selling user data to companies and this issue got viral these days, Let me tell you zoom is not a Chinese company but the report says their production team is from China, and that might helps Chinese government to capture user email address, contacts, user photos and much more. Overall it’s clear that zoom app leaking user private information to Chinese companies and that implies our online data is no safer. For this situation migrating to other new secure app is the best option you can do. 

Microsoft Team ( Zoom Alternative)

For that here is the Microsoft developed video conferencing platform “Microsoft team” that you can use freely. The app provides a user with the ultimate experience of high-quality video conferencing with 5000 people per meeting. Moreover, there are a plethora of features such as private chats, schedule calls, work with team doc, and many more. So to be honest after reading these types of leaking data news of zoom app I will surely move to the Microsoft team. What do you think?

Download: Microsoft Team (Free)

6. LightX Photo Editor (Beauty Plus Alternative)

As you already know the most popular photo editor and selfie camera app ‘ beauty plus’ is the Chinese developed app, which has over 100M+ downloads on play store. That’s great but do you ever think what this app does on your smartphone?, Is this app is secure to use in mobiles. Let me tell you clear details about the selfie camera ‘beauty plus’. The various report bet this Chinese app is might stealing your data, and photos, The reason to say this nowadays the app contains tons of unrelated ads, pop up ads that redirect to other websites, and wants to infect your smartphone with malware attacks.

 LightX Photo Editor Chinese app alternative

Moreover, In the play store, there are tons of clones also available of beauty plus that are looking for stealing your information privately, So to be on safe leave these Chinese apps and start using a secure app. For that, here is the app lightX photo editor which is an ultimate photo editor tool that makes your picture awesome, and also secures your data to steal. So I recommend you to move immediately to a new lightX photo editor instead of beauty plus.

Download: Light X (Free)

7. Power director (Viva video Alternative)

Viva video is another Chinese app that provides users to make videos and edit them. After reading multiple news about Chinese apps fake and steals data. No one wants to trust on this app also, I suggest you move onto another better app like power director, which provide you an ultimate video editing and tons of features such as add video effects, voice over & music, edit and share HD videos in free, Multiplayer supports and many more.

 Power director (Viva video Alternative)

Download: Power Director (Free)

8. Microsoft Office (WPS Office Alternative)

As for now, we don’t have any news or leaks about the WPS office but to be safe let’s move to another best alternative such as Microsoft office. Where you can do all of your work flawlessly just like you do in the WPS office. Let me clear you WPS offices also the Chinese app is Zhuhai-based Chinese software that developed by Kingsoft. So for privacy concerns, I recommend you to move and use Microsoft office instead of the WPS office.

Microsoft Office

Download: Microsoft office (Free)

Here is the popular Chinese apps that you should leave right now:

  • Share it & Xender
  • Cam Scanner
  • UC browser
  • Tik Tok, Likee, Helo
  • Zoom
  • Beauty Plus
  • Viva video
  • club factory
  • parallel space
  • U dictionary
  • WPS office

Wrapping Up : Boycott Chinease Apps & Use there alternatives

These were the most trustworthy Chinese apps alternatives that you should use in 2020. There are many other different Chinese apps are available in play stores such as club factory, parallel space, U dictionary, and much more. Including all of these are not possible to do, But now in the play store, there is an app that helps you to remove all of your Chinese apps from your smartphone. So to be safe and secure your data, I highly urge you to use Chinese apps alternatives.


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