Netflix Alternatives: 14 Best Netflix Alternatives [New] 2021

by Narendra
Netflix Alternatives

Hulu, Popcornflix, and more. Here’re the best Netflix Alternatives you should try.

This is the era of internet subscription service platforms. According to Forbes, the number of households signed up for streaming platforms has increased from 11.2 million (39 percent of households) in 2018 to 13.3 million (47 percent) in 2019. These numbers show the popularity of these services over TV cable services.

What could be the reason behind this internet subscription service platform revolution? The answer is the availability of personalized recommendations of customized content on-demand as per the audience’s convenience on these platforms. Also, thanks to Netflix and similar streaming services, each and every show all around the world is now at our place at the tip of our fingers. 

What happened to Netflix? 

Whenever we hear the term ‘subscription services’ what name pops up in our mind? Netflix, right? With over 158 million subscribers across the globe, Netflix is the reigning king of subscription platforms with a net income of $121.1 crores. But nowadays they are facing a large backlash after they introduced a large price hike in 2019. They announced that from 9th January 2019 the new rates will be: 

● Basic subscription package – $11.98($10.98 earlier) 

● Standard subscription package – $15.98($13.98 earlier) 

● Premium subscription package – $19.98($16.98 earlier) 

This paved the path for their competitors to get more subscriptions than ever. So, here we are going to see the top 14 (paid, unpaid and upcoming) streaming platforms that are the best alternatives for Netflix. But first,

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Best Netflix Alternatives 2021

1. Amazon Prime Video: Paid Netflix Alternative

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best alternatives to Netflix. It offers a wide range of items including cult classics and the latest blockbusters, TV shows to Amazon original content. Popular shows include Good Omen, Marvelous Mrs. Masel, The Man in the High, etc. 

Subscription Plans and pricing: 

● Prime Video: $8.99/month With Prine Service and 2-day free shipping. 

● Prime(Monthly): $12.99/month 

● Prime (Yearly): $119/year 

In addition to this, a variety of offers like prime services, Over 2 million ad-free songs, free ebooks with a Kindle device are also there with each subscription plan. Similar to Netflix, a free 30 day trial period is also available. 

For more details visit: Prime Video

2. Hulu: Paid Netflix Alternative  

Hulu is another popular substitute for Netflix but is only available in the US and Japan. Unlike Netflix, it releases most of the popular shows within one or so after its television premiere. So, you don’t have to wait longer for the release of the entire season. It has established new and Tv shows like The Simpsons, Seinfield, etc along with some original shows like The Handmaid’s Tale. Even though there are movies options are less as compared to Netflix. 

Subscription plans and pricing

● Basic(ad-supported): $5.99/month 

● Premium : $11.99/month 

● Basic + Live TV : $54.99/ month 

● Premium + Live TV : $60.99/ month 

There is a 30 day free trial period available. 

For more details visit: Hulu

3. CBS All Access: Paid Netflix Alternative

Are you a fan of CBS shows like NCIS, FBI, Big Bang Theory, etc? If yes, then CBS Access is the perfect Netflix alternative for you. This subsidiary of ViacomCBS doesn’t have a large volume of shows or content like Netflix. There Is also live local news broadcast and sports streaming available. CBS All Access is only available in the US and Canada. 

Subscription plans and pricing: 

● CBS All Access Limited Commercials: $5.99/month. 

● CBS All Access Commercial Free: $9.99/month. 

CBS All Access has a 7 day trial period for interested viewers. 

For more details visit: CBS

4. HBO Now: Paid Netflix Alternative

Launched in 2015, HBO offers a wide range of TV shows like Chernobyl, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, The outsider, and many more. It also has documentaries, kid shows, and of course your favorite movies. 

Subscription plans and pricing: 

● Unlimited Streaming: $14.99/month 

It is one of the most expensive platforms. 

For more details visit: HBO

5. MUBI: Paid Netflix Alternative

If you are a movie buff who loves movies of all ranges, that is Academy award-winning, experimental, international, independent ones MUBI is the best streaming platform out there. Every day experts in the team add a new movie for a term of 30 days after it will be removed. That means there will be only 30 movies at a time to select from. But the plus side is that each of them is specially handpicked for you. So no doubt, this is the best Netflix alternative for streaming.

Subscription plans and pricing: 

● Membership cost: $10.99/month. 

● Rentals: $2.99 to $5.99 (around $2.75/movie) 

For more details visit: MUBI

6. Hallmark Movies Now: Paid Netflix Alternative

Another best Netflix alternative that you can consider streaming is Hallmark Movie Now, previously known as Feeln allows you to choose from a long list of romantic, family, comedy, drama inspiring movie collections especially, feel-good movies. 

Subscription plans and pricing: 

● Unlimited Streaming: $5.99/month. 

● Unlimited Streaming: $59.99/year 

A 7 day trial period is accessible. 

For more details: Hallmark Movies

7. Fandor: Paid Netflix Alternative

Fandor is perfect choice for a cinephile . They are not for mainstream movie fans. Fandor offers classic indie, foreign, and documentary films to their audience. 

Subscription plans and pricing: 

● Unlimited Streaming: $5.99/month 

● Unlimited Streaming: $49.99/year 

A 14 day trial period is accessible. 

For more details: Fandor

8. Apple TV Plus: Paid Netflix Alternative 

Here is the most popular Netflix alternative that you consider streaming. On November 1st, 2019, Apple launched its subscription streaming service with Apple’s original TV shows like The Morning Show, Oprah’s Book Club, See, etc., and movies. 

Subscription plans and pricing: 

● Unlimited Streaming: and $4.99/month 

They started off with a seven-day free trial for everyone and a special year-long free subscription to those who purchased an Apple device since September 10, 2019. 

For more details visit: Apple T.V Plus

9. Disney Plus: Paid Netflix Alternative

Disney Plus, a subscription video-on-demand streaming service by The Walt Disney Company was introduced on November 12, 2019. According to Cowen Analysts, 24 million subscribers have already registered within three weeks. They have a plethora of shows like blockbusters from Marvel, Pixar, Disney’s own studio, National Geographic, and of course the Star Wars franchise too. 

Subscription plans and pricing: 

● Unlimited Streaming(monthly): $6.99/month. 

● Unlimited Streaming(yearly): $69.99/year. 

● Bundled package with Hulu and ESPN Plus: $12.99/month. 

For more details visit: Disney Plus 

Philo, Vudu, iTunes, Box TV, Soul, HotStar, Jio Cinema(India), Acron TV, SelectTV, Sling TV, SelectTV, M-Go, etc. are some of the other paid streaming platforms there is. 

10. Tubi TV: Best Free Netflix Alternative

Tubi TV is an ad-supported free streaming platform. It has no original shows, but it has a collection of around 50,000 titles including old classic movies that are available on demand. Here there is even a dedicated section called ‘Not on Netflix ‘ containing shows and movies you can’t find in any other services. 

For more details visit: Tubi TV

11. YouTube: Best Free Netflix Alternative

Yes, YouTube is also one of the best free alternatives to Netflix. Along with music videos, blogs, tutorials, and thousands of similar videos, it also provides some good full-length movies too. They don’t have a great collection, so there is less chance that you find what you are looking for. YouTube also has a YouTube TV subscription service, which costs around $49.99/month- a lot costlier than Netflix. 

For more details visit: Youtube

12. Popcornflix: Best Free Netflix Alternative

Another free and ad-supported platform. It can be called a mini-free version of Netflix. Since it makes money from ads, there will be plenty of advertisements in between the shows and movies. 

For more details visit: Popcornflix

13. Crackle: Best Free Netflix Alternative

Crackle is a free streaming service by entertainment giant Sony. Since it is also an ad-supported platform like Tubi and Popcornflix, there will be around four ads for TV shows and ten for movies, which can annoy you. There will be a quite good collection of crackle original shows and movies like Startup, Seinfeld, The oath, etc from which can choose from. 

For more details visit: Crackle

Snag Films, Pluto TV, Vimeo, Facebook Watch, etc also belong to this category. 

14. HBO Max: Upcoming Netflix Alternative 

The Warner Media, owned by AT&T recently announced the launch of HBO Max in May 2020 with a double quantity of content at the same rate as HBO Now platform. Existing members of HBO Now don’t worry. You will get new access to HBO Max with any additional charge. 

Subscription plans and pricing: 

● Unlimited Streaming: $14.99/month 

For more details visit: HBO Max

Wrapping Up: Best Netflix Alternatives of 2021

So, that’s it. But, the list doesn’t end here. Nowadays there are hundreds of big and small Netflix Alternatives internet subscription streaming services available in almost all countries. As I found more best free and paid Netflix alternatives or similar sites then I added here for sure so stay tuned with the article, Are there any more Netflix alternatives you want to add to the list then feel free to comment below. I hope you found your favorite Netflix Alternatives.

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