Best Torrent Sites to Download Movies For Free

by Narendra

Hey, are you looking for the best torrent sites to download Indian and Hollywood movies for free like yts and more?

Torrent sites are the best place to get free downloads of movies, games, songs, Series and much more media for do our entertainment, but truth is that its an illegal way to watch your favorites movies just after the release of a new movie in the market it makes the huge loss in revenue of producer, distributors by this reasons majority of countries already ban most of the torrent sites but there is always the way to access those ban torrent sites by using VPN which will help you to bypass server and connect to the other server so you can easily download those torrents.

Due to illegal copyrighted content on torrents site, every year majority of torrent sites were blocked by the government and then after other more torrent sites were developed where you will get newly torrents to link through which you will easily get unavailable things that not present on openly on the internet here In this article, I will show you the best new updated torrent sites from which you can easily download music, movies, and many more with different torrenting websites torrent sites remain popular if it will perfectly work.

Recommend safety before using Torrents Sites

Torrents sites are totally illegal all over the world so there are high chances for getting viruses, malware or your system may be hacked if you download wrong files from the torrent websites and there is no one responsible if your system corrupt or having huge lose, to be aware make sure before using this torrent sites you are using your VPN for hiding your location or you can use a private search engine so your history will not be saved to track your activity. I will give you this link you can easily use these private search engines.

Must Use: Top 7 Private Search Engine (Must Try)

Best Torrent Sites to Download Movies For Free

These are the best torrent sites in the world (2022) at glance:

  • YTS
  • Torrent Funk
  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337X
  • Torrentz2
  • Zooqle
  • TorLock
  • Torrent Downloads
  • iDope

1. YTS | Best torrent site to download latest movies

Here is the first torrent site which I liked the most for downloading movies torrents, if you are looking for high-quality movies in the smallest size then you should go through the YTS, where you will get 8000+ torrents with highly user base which mostly trust on yts, here you can easily access the torrent with the limited bandwidth If you are always excited to watch new movies in the best quality so this site for you. YTS is an official site that provides the best content, high IMDb rating movies you can easily download movies in excellent 480p, 720p, 1080p this site is famous in the US and many foreign countries.

yts torrent site

Great Points Of YTS :

  • Best torrent site for the latest New movies in small size.
  • YTS has quite a clear user interface for finding the right torrent.
  • Best for less bandwidth
  • Having fast downloading speed but depending on location and VPN.

Torrenting site: YTS

2. RARBG | Best torrent site to download Netflix shows

Here is the second best torrent site where you can easily find new movies, trending series, top IMDB rating movies, T.V shows, and much more genre at the best quality. RARBG is founded in 2008 since the torrent makes their space in the market with having a huge number of best torrent links with newly user interface which is arranged in top 10 list, top IMDB rating movies, and with a high list of genre category to make simpler to use, it contains old torrent to new torrent with working link.

rarbg torrent site

Great Points of RARBG torrenting Site :

  • The best site for downloading new movies, series, top 10 lists and much more.
  • Best for giving high-quality torrents videos.
  • Having many details about any torrent.
  • The highly active data user base
  • Quality of torrents updates a regular basis.
  • 9 Million+ torrent available

Every type of movie you will find here like action, adventure movies, comedy and many more, you can easily download movies and T.V shows. This is a safe site but I suggest you use a private search engine for the safer experience.

Torrenting site: RARBG

3. Torrent funk | Best torrent site to download Hollywood movies

Here another best torrent site for movies “Torrent Funk” whenever I get bored with other torrent sites or not find my torrent file then I will choose torrent funk where I will get all the files which I want to get here you can easily download movies, songs in better quality It’s an option if you want to choose the different user interface then you can choose but most of the countries have blocked the torrent because of its great features and latest torrent if you wanna use this torrent make sure you are using Vpn so you can easily access the torrent which will give you better interface and downloading speed. High-quality movies download but don’t forget to use a VPN for hiding your IP and location.

torrent funk

Great Points of Torrent Funk torrenting site :

  • Get latest torrent files and newly updated
  • The high-quality torrent option is available to choose.
  • Best for movies, song, software and much more
  • Best in the user interface you can easily find your torrent.

Torrenting site: Torrent Funk

4. The Pirate Bay | Best torrent site to download pc games

Here is the most popular and oldest torrent site “Pirate Bay” which is founded in 2003 since it contains lots of torrents much more than other torrent sites, in the pirate bay you will get everything you want from movies, songs, series to software with there latest version you can download any torrent with an instant click but one major drawback is the site having very high traffic because it’s popular all over the world the site sometime downtime and need maintenance after crashing with connectivity problem otherwise it’s having the best user interface from other sites you can easily download your torrent with the latest link.

pirate bay torrent

Great Point of the pirate bay torrenting site :

  • The most popular torrent site on the web.
  • Best site to download movies, songs, videos, software, games, and much more.
  • Having high download speed up to 8MB/sec or more as per location
  • VIP trusted badge site
  • Having lots of mirrors downloads.

The torrent that will help you to download the latest movies or shows download in fast and small in size. Before using pirate bay use a VPN for hiding your location. The newest torrent will upload here with the best quality and fewer ads.

Pirate Bay is an old site that is most popular in the torrent search engine. A new torrent is uploaded daily with new updates. You can easily download T.V shows, Paid movies, and many more.

Torrenting Site: Pirate Bay

5. 1337X | Best torrent site for tv-shows

Here is another torrent site “1337X” which is known for the there best appearance and their user interface where you will get the latest torrent link of latest movies, shoes, games and any media entertainment each and every category are arranged in the best way so it makes easy to find out the right torrent in less time. You will get lots of different mirrors of 1337x where also you can download torrent most of the countries banned this torrent but with the help of a VPN, you can bypass the security and use the different country’s servers as you want.

This torrent site is old as it launched in 2007 from which it covers the lots of old as well as a new torrent in their sites and has a huge user base.

Great points of 1337X torrenting site :

  • Having all type of torrent link categories
  • The best site for regular update categories.
  • Its a simple and easy user interface for finding a torrent.
  • Easy to download torrent with magnet link.

Torrenting site: 1337X

6. Torrentz2 | Best torrent site to download new movies

Here is another simple user interface torrent site where you can download your favorite movies, songs, and download the latest software Torrentz2 is most popular torrent all over the world where it held the majority of traffic in millions per month since its release in 2016 it becomes more famous due to it uploaded newly torrents link on every category as you want, torrentz2 is the best site for downloading movies, apk, games and much more with lots of different mirrors and genuine site to download. Last year the site got disappear but then it back and hold the torrent market back.


Great Points of Torrentz2 torrenting site :

  • Here you can download movies, software with the latest and easy download link.
  • Most popular all over the world
  • Great user interface one-click search
  • High user base trust and secure

Torrenting site: Torrentz2

7. Zooqle | Most famous torrent site

Zooqle is another torrent site which has mainly focus on series and latest movies if you looking for vast variety of English series and movies then zooqle torrent site is for you here have great details description and best easy way to download torrent, the best thing I liked about this torrent site is their user interface where you will easily find movies that you want having different categories for a different genre, so it makes easy to find your favorite site which having 4+ million torrent based on t.v series, and movies best database it covered for separate categories.

zooqe torrent

Great Point of Zooqle torrenting site :

  • A comfortable best user interface to find movies.
  • Easy to use and having a great torrent link.
  • the vast majority of movies and series.
  • Popular and great user base.

Torrenting site: Zooqle

8. TorLock | Best torrenting site for movies & Series

Here is TorLock which is famous for its verified torrent link from here you only get working and best torrent links of movies, songs and much more media as you want, this is the only torrent site which is aware to find the duplicate and fake link with this site you can make earning through finding the fake torrent it will pay you lets do once, Tor lock contains large files database of each and every torrent old to new torrent is available to download in a very easy way you should have to try torlock once.

torrent picture

Great point of TorLock torrenting site :

  • Popular for useful and working links
  • Easy to use and great interface
  • Lots of new torrent updates regular.
  • It contains unique users and working files.

Torrenting site: Torlock

9. | Best torrent site to download old movies

Here is another best torrent option to choose if you are not finding your files, movies or anything here has chances to get because of the updated there files old as well it has lots of working links where you will find your torrent.

torrent me pic

Great Point of torrenting site :

  • Having a large torrent of movies and other stuff.
  • Great easy interface to use.
  • Almost all are working links
  • Best of the latest update

Torrenting site:

10. Torrent Downloads | Best torrent site to download movies in full hd

In the list of best torrent sites for movies and tv shows, you might hear the name of torrent downloads which is a most famous and updating torrent site where it will update the new torrents regularly, It designed the user interface very clear to find your favorite torrents, here you will get today’s torrents, yesterday torrents, and having the list of menus, from where you can choose your genre and download files.

torrent download screenshot

Using the torrent downloads you will get torrent in best quality and higher health rate that defines the quality of files, every file is a regular check to improve the health and bad torrents will trash. The torrent download gives you the most active torrent menu, most seeded torrent, and most leached torrent so we get the overview to download the torrents.

Torrenting sites: Torrent Download

11. iDope | Best torrent site to download web series

Here is another fantastic torrenting site which is launched in 2016, with having clean user interface through which you can easily download torrents here you will get every possible genre like T.V shows, movies, cartoon, and games with having the best quality, The best part I liked in iDope torrent is that it gives us the best user interface for great surfing of torrent. Here is the option most popular torrent or new torrent, it quite easy to choose for the user to decide.


In every torrent there is a huge list of torrenting sites form which you can choose the right one, it has one more best part like, most of the other torrenting sites they have lots of pop up ads were shown to disturb download torrent but not here, in idope torrent you can perfectly download magnet torrent link with having fast speed.

Torrenting site: iDope

Wrapping Up: Best Torrent Sites For Latest Movies

Those were the best torrent sites to download movies for free where you can downloads movies, games, songs, app, and any software every different torrent have its own feature, so choose wisely and use a plethora of option. Are there any favorite torrent sites that you use frequently then don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below.

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