Best Substratum Themes For Android 2024

by Narendra

Swift black, Christmas, and more. Here are the best substratum themes for android.

Nowadays, every android smartphones come with a simple basic UI theme, and after using it for one or two month its quite feel bored plus there is no other inbuilt stylish customization of the theme to make it attractive.

But Don’t worry; using third party best substratum themes apps you can easily change your whole UI in no time, In the play store there are lots of best substratum themes options are available some themes work with root & some work well without root, So to give your android an ultimate look for that here in this article I will tell you the best substratum themes for android that you should try.

What is Substratum theme & How to Install

Substratum basically a tool or engine through which you can install various beautiful substratum themes from play store correctly that will change your whole user interface and give your android a new look, substratum app is necessary to use themes that need rooted devices mostly to change files. But in 2021 several android versions like android 10 or above android 8 version needn’t want root.

How to Install Substratum Themes On Android

  • Firstly make sure your smartphone is perfectly rooted if it’s not then first root your smartphone with various root apps from play store.
  • After rooting your device, go to play store and download the substratum theme engine, which helps you to install substratum themes on your device.
  • The third step, after installing a check and give all permissions that the substratum engine wants.
  • That’s all, Now you just have to choose your favorite substratum themes which I will mention below it, some substratum themes are paid & free.
  • Choose your favorite one to give your android new look.

Best Substratum Themes For Android 2024 New

1. Swift Black: Overall Best Substratum Theme

Starting from the top best substratum theme for android, the black theme gives android an immersive standard look, where now you have 200 more overlays through which you can customize your user interface to make it awesome, moreover, the theme contains plethora of different colors that look awesome with black, & the best thing is swift black will provide timely updates with new features to never get you bored with the same UI.

Best Things I Like In Swift Black Substratum Theme

  • Awesome color combination.
  • Gives Fantastic Look on OLED & Amoled Display.
  • Less battery consumption.

Install: Swift Black (Paid)

Downloads: 100K+

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2. Christmas Substratum Theme

Love Christmas, & its decor if yes, then you can’t go wrong with this Christmas style theme that provides your android smartphone a new look that you like. The one will change your icons to standard Christmas icons plus, by changing background is cherry on top. So, if you want decent level customization on your android then the Christmas substratum theme is perfect for you.

Install: Christmas Substratum Theme (Free)

3. Pixel Theme- Substratum

If you are like me, who loves stock Android UI but frustrated with same overlays and not having different personalization to make it more fantastic than, here is the best pixel substratum theme for android you can easily change various awesome color combinations that experience you advance customize pixel phone. Furthermore, the theme works above oreo version (8.0 to latest android 11) smartphones, really a great pixel substratum theme in free version.

Best thing I Like In Pixel Substratum Theme

  • Same UI but great customization color combination.
  • Gives feel like pixel phones.
  • Works with various android versions.

Install: Pixel Theme (Free)

Downloads: 100K+

4. Curve

Curve theme is for one who loves rounded corners and wants pixel devices look in smartphones. No doubt, rounded corners are the most favorite nowadays but no other apps will provide that much smoothness and great working. So for all who love curves here is the substratum theme you can try.

Install: Curve (Free)

5. aospUI Black, Substratum theme

Here is another best substratum theme for android option that you can choose in black substratum theme style, where you will experience stock android with colored action bars with having 16 accent colors to customize your whole android UI, It works well if you are looking to make your smartphone a standard look then you should have to try aospUI theme, apart from that, it works well with android (6.0 to 10 and above version).

Best thing I Like In aospUi Substratum Theme

  • Simple but great icon and action bar.
  • Work flawlessly with all apps.
  • Look awesome in AMOLED display.

Install: aospUI theme (Paid)

Downloads: 10K+

6. DarkCroc Theme for Substratum

Here is another best free substratum theme for android that gives android a standard look. The theme is recently launched but it provides ultimate color combination like Amber, blue, cyan, green, lime, orange, pink, and much more mixture, Furthermore, you can also change background color, notification & others too. So if you love material theme to give standard look free of cost then darkcroc theme is good to go.

Install: DarkCroc (Free)

7. Nano- Substratum Theme

Here is the most beautiful substratum theme for android which is developed by pierx, where you experience design and are able to customize the icon’s colors, design, and theme color combination that makes your android separate from simple UI-based android. Moreover, it works with all types of android os from android nougat 7.1 to above versions, themes having various overlay lists for your apps, So if you looking for black customization theme then nano theme is also a great option to use.

Best thing I Like In Nano Substratum Theme

  • The theme works well with all types of Android OS.
  • Has great themes colors combination.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Themes work with all your android apps.

Install: Nano (Paid)

Downloads: 1K+

8. Pitch Black Substratum Theme

Here is the theme “Pitch Black”, if you operate Samsung smartphone which has an AMOLED display on it then, don’t look at any other substratum theme, here is the themes “pitch black” which is only made for AMOLED display devices to give an ultra-stylish combination of colors that you surely like it, Here in this theme you will get several color combination that purely suited with your AMOLED display, you should have to try this theme.

Best thing I Like In Pitch Black Substratum Theme

  • Great quality of colors combination with black.
  • Looks great with AMOLED display.
  • Contains 160 high-quality overlays.
  • Works with android oreo & pie version & android 10.

Install: Pitch Black (Paid)

Downloads: 5K+

9. Death Red Substratum Theme

Want something unique substratum theme for android ? Love red & black incredible mix colors? If yes, then here is the death red substratum theme that you should try. The one will make your android phone into an amazing look that seems look different. But here the only downside is it works well in Nougat and Oreo ROMS.

Install: Death Red Substratum theme (Free)

10. Flux

If you are looking for substratum theme which having various great features from background options to multicolor, changing shapes icons, and many more, then here I recommend you to use Flux substratum theme, which also has same procedure for installing as other themes, Moreover it comes with various color combination with black and it compatibility from android nougat to latest android 10, 11 and custom roms.

Best thing I Like In Flux Theme

  • Having various design options.
  • Great color combination options.
  • Works almost with every Android OS.

Install: Flux (Paid)

Downloads: 10K+

Wrapping Up: Best Substratum Themes For Android

These were the best substratum themes for android (Free & Paid) that you should use to make your simple UI based android to full customize UI, Before installing substratum theme make sure you have rooted device otherwise it does not work, Nowadays to make a change in UI needed a rooted device after that only you can customize your android.

Best Substratum Themes: FAQ

Does substratum work on Android 11?

Substratum works the same on A11 as it did on A10.

How do you make a substratum theme?

Theme Template Substratum Step 0: PRECONFIGURATIONS! Step 1: Create a package name Theme Properties (Step 2) Step 3: Begin the theming process! Audio Animated Boots Shutdown Animations Fonts Overlays Guide to Overlay Type Options Step 4: Complete your design! Step 5: Provide your users with a built-in changelog!

How can I use substratum theme in Samsung?

Installing Substratum on OneUI 2.0.
Synergy and Substratum Lite can be downloaded from the Play Store.
Download the compatible theme of your choice.
Now, launch the Synergy app and click “Add Overlays.”
Choose Substratum Lite
Now, select the desired theme from the list.

Do you need root for substratum?

Root access is required to use Substratum on an Android Nougat device.

Does Substratum work on Android P?

Substratum will not work in Android P, according to XDA Developers, even with root access. The Substratum team, to their credit, claims that the Andromeda add-on is still in development, so your money may not have been wasted.

How do you install Andromeda substratum?

Substratum is a free application available on the Google Play Store.
For $2.49, you can get the Andromeda app from the Google Play Store.
From XDA, you can get the Andromeda desktop client for MacOS, Windows, or Linux.
Developer options and USB debugging should be enabled.

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