Best WeTransfer Alternatives To Send Large Files

by Narendra

File Mail, Smash, and more. Here are the best wetransfer alternatives you should consider.

No doubt, WeTransfer is one of the most popular and extremely used large file transfer services, that allows users to send any format of files up to 2GB in free service and up to 20GB of file in the paid version with ultimate quality by just using mail account. In the pandemic WeTransfer work is salutary, where almost every work from home employee takes huge advantage but, there is bad news for WeTransfer site lovers in India.

“WeTransfer site has been banned in India” By the telecommunication department due to national security as per report said. But there is no clear information about why India ban the WeTransfer cloud sharing site. Almost all the ISP’s of India banned WeTransfer and showing issues sending files, except some minor ISPs. So if you are also in trouble sending a large file over the internet, then don’t worry anymore, Here we compiled the best list of WeTransfer Alternatives that helps you to send large file’s over the internet without using WeTransfer.

Best WeTransfer Alternatives

1. Smash – The Best WeTransfer Alternative

Here are the first best WeTransfer Alternatives Smash, or you can say it’s more awesome than WeTransfer, the reason to say this is hidden into its greatest features. Let me tell you, Smash provides users a no-limit size file sharing option and it cost you $0, yes! you heard it right, unlike WeTransfer which has 2GB limit in the free plan. But, no size limit file transferring has a little slower speed as compared to normal 2GB file if you send.

Furthermore, if we talk about its security protection then don’t worry about that, here smash provides end-to-end encryption with the use of 256-bit-AES standard. Your file processing is fully protected with password and security, Moreover, in smash, you can also store files for a couple of days free of cost, but if you want more days or a year then smash have multiple paid plans. For instance.

Smash alternative of WeTransfer

Paid Plans:

  • $5 per month ( 365 days file available, single-user, manage transfer, and more)
  • $10 per month (365 days of file available, 5 users, manage transfer, and more)

Free Plan:

  • 14 Days file available, single-user, no limit file size.

Smash-free plans are best for a common user, but if you own a team then paid plan is good. Choose wisely, Overall Smash is also the best WeTransfer alternative that we recommend you to use.

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2. File Mail – The Best Known WeTransfer Alternative

File Mail

If you are looking for large file transfer best wetransfer alternative for your business or teams, then I strongly prescribe you to go with file mail, File mail is the only paid service where you will get tons of features, for instance, size limit, more file storage for a longer time, High protection and much more. The service plan starts from $5/month to $20/month, in which you will get a plethora of unique different features that you gonna love it. Moreover, if we talk about its security then it provides user 2-factor data protection with having strong antivirus, so no need to worry about it.

Apart from that, here you can also customize several things like a webpage for brand engagement, tracks files, and also user interface. No doubt, file mail is the best service to receive files from clients or team members, If you are thinking of purchasing a plan then before doing we suggest you check out their free trial, yes! File mail also provides users an 7 days free trial for a different plan, so go and try, choose wisely.

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3. Google Drive – Most Popular WeTransfer Alternative

Google Drive is another best alternative to WeTransfer, In terms of security, File storage, and easy to use. No doubt, most of us have already enjoyed drive-free storage for a long time, Just like WeTransfer here also google drive contains various features in which some come in free of cost and the others one paid. In case you don’t know let me tell you more detail about google drive.

So here you will get a large 15 GB of free space to store files, no time limit, no charge and protected by high security. Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. So I don’t think you have doubts about security. Herewith google drive you can easily share files, as well as synchronize your files on any device. The only problem here is google drive only provides a user 15 GB of free space after that you have to pay as per space you want.

Google Drive

Google Drive paid plans starting from $1.99/month, where you will get 100GB of storage which is insane isn’t it. There are more plans for higher storage capacity of $9/month.

So, overall google drive is also the best alternative to WeTransfer that you should try. Have the best free storage if you are a common user. For business, there are paid plans that you can purchase.

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4. OneDrive – Best Alternative to WeTransfer

To send large files over the internet, one drive is also the best wetransfer alternative you can try. Just like google drive and its features, one drive also works well, developed by Microsoft, Here one drive presents users an 5GB of free storage unlike google drive but works well. Moreover, you can easily synchronize files over any device, and also send through links so don’t worry about that.

The best thing that we like is the file protection that WeTransfer service provides in a premium plan, but here you can get it free. Apart from that, if we talk about security then no need to worry, all the Microsoft servers are protected with high encrypted TLS protocol. Apart from this, as compared to other file sharing services here in one drive you will get a better user interface with multiple options to use.


Now, if we talk about its paid pricing then:

  • $6.99 per month for 1TB of cloud storage.
  • $15 per month for unlimited storage.

Choose wisely, as per your company requirement, the overall rating is good, you can free your mind go and use one drive its the best WeTransfer replacement.

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5. DropBox – Best Large File WeTransfer Alternative

In the list of free & paid best WeTransfer Alternatives, here dropbox is another option that you should look at, Dropbox is a cloud storage service where you can store & send files by just uploading on it, If we talk about its free storage capacity then its 2GB less then one drive or google drive, but dropbox also contains tons of unique features that make it advance cloud storage.

You can easily access dropbox files from anywhere on any device, using dropbox you can max send 100GB of a file to another user. If we talk about its features then dropbox provides you can notifications of file downloads, file access statistics, set passwords, expiry dates, and much more.


Apart from that, if you impress by Dropbox features but not with storage capacity then, no worry. Dropbox also provides premium plans for expanding storage capacity that is expandable up to 2TB or more. Moving to security then here dropbox uses AES 128-bit standard system with end-to-end encryption just like other services provide, so don’t worry your files are always secure.

So, if you are a normal user who uses file sharing services for little sizes then dropbox is best. But if you want to expand its storage capacity then there are various premium plans that you can look at.

Overall, In terms of security, expandable storage, and just a single sign in using dropbox is another great alternative to WeTransfer that you can try.

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6. Send Anywhere – Best Fast WeTransfer Alternative

Send Anywhere is another most amazing and fast file transferring service, where it provides users to upload max 10 GB of file size that you can send by using link or email. The most amazing feature links automatically expire within 48 hrs of link creation which improves security. To secure your files on both ends the service gives you 6 digits input key after uploading data, that input key you have to enter on the other end where you want to receive a file. Without entering the input key your files cannot be accessed by anyone and it will automatically destroy after 48 hrs.

Send Anywhere

Apart from that, if you need more incredible features then send anywhere also has paid plans where it presents users an 50 GB of upload storage capacity, customize link expiration, view downloads, custom background images, and much more. So what are you thinking, choose smartly your plan starting from $5.99 per month. To sum up, honestly, I just love to send anywhere a free plan but for business purposes, you can also go for a premium plan.

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7. HighTail – Best New WeTransfer Alternative

Last but not least, Hightail is another cloud service that caters to send large files over the web with ease. The service comes in free and paid plans. In the free plan hightail only provide a user a limited size sending capacity of 100MB with 2GB of storage, so if you are the one who wants to send small size files at fast speed then hightail free plan is best.

But as compare to other WeTransfer alternatives hightail is not so good. But if we talk about its paid plans then it does an amazing job. Premium plans to start from $12 to $36 per month, where they provide multiple features such as password protection, live chat support, unlimited storage capacity, and much more.


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Wrapping Up: Best Alternatives to WeTransfer

These were the best other options after banned of WeTransfer that you can use, here we tried to provide you with a piece of genuine information about plans and their features. So look & read the complete article before planning to purchase or use the free plan. If you want me to choose the best alternative to Wetransfer then I suggest you go with Smash. What do you think about this? let us know in the comment below.


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