How To View Full-Size Instagram Profile Picture & Photos

by Narendra

I just hate Instagram, when I want to see someone profile picture or newsfeed photos in full size but you know Instagram only shows crop image in circular placeholder with lower quality and nor gives the option to save to see in the full-size image.

Are you also frustrated with an Instagram way of that showing us a picture?

Yes, but no more. Finally, I found an amazing way or you can say trick through which you can see any Instagram profile pic or any Instagram news feed pictures in full size without any losing quality, and of course, you can also save it without any permission. So no further ado lets get started.

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View Full Size Instagram Profile Picture & Photos

Here in this article, I will show you all the methods for the Android app, Desktop browsers, iPhone/ iPad. So after that, you can easily see the full-size Instagram image in any medium.

(Method -1) View Full Size Instagram Post Photos & Download

Step: 1 Firstly Open Instagram Website, and log in to your account.

Step: 2 Now You done that, open the profile of the person whos posts pictures you want to see in full size.

Step: 3 As you open your desired user profile, now you just have to click on the post picture that you want to see in full-size high quality as uploaded by the user.

Step: 4 As you click on the post picture, on the top of the URL bar there are URL shows. Now where you just have to put zero “0” in front of Instagram. and press enter, where a new website will open and now you can see a full-size photo as well you can download it through the given option.

For Example, The URL shows “” like this.

Now after you have to put zero “0” before Instagram URL shows like this: “” hit enter to see full-size image.

(Method-2) Alternate Way

Here in this way all the steps are the same as above but in the above steps, You put zero “0” in front of Instagram.

But here you just have to enter this media/?size=l on the last of URL, and press enters that it and you will see the full-size photo with high quality.

For Instance:

Before not editing last of url look like this:

After putting ” media/?size=l ” in the last of post URL look like this:

(Method- 3) Using Chrome Extension

Here is a very simple and comfortable way to download and view the full-size image of any user on Instagram through google chrome extension “Get ThetPic!”.

save profile pic

To Use this chrome extension just click on the link and add that extension to your chrome browser that all. After that whatever Instagram pic you want to see or download it will easily be done by just clicking on the download button that shows on the above-left side of the pic.

That’s not over there are furthermore methods are available to download and view full-size pictures for instance: Using inspect elements, and view source and many third party online software. But here I am not telling you the way because it’s a quite difficult and lengthy way to do. As compared to the above describe way So it’s quite better to follow the above methods.

Note: Above Steps & Methods will also be used on a smartphone as well by using the browser.

View Full Size Instagram Profile Picture (Quick Way)

Using Website ( See Full Size Instagram Profile Picture)

To view a full-size Instagram profile pic of any user then you should have to follow the below steps where I am going to tell you the new way to view and download a profile photo of any user without login to your user account.

Step: 1 Firstly visit an Instagram website, and search for the user whose you want to see a full-size profile pic.

Step: 2 Secondly Now just copy the username of that user which profile pic you want to see.

Step: 3 Now just visit the following website “thumbtube” and where paste the username and submit.

That’s all you have to do Now you will be able to see HD image of profile pic of the user.

Using App ( See Full-Size Instagram Profile Picture) Android

Step: 1 Firstly Go to play store and download the “Profile Photo Downloader” app or just click on the link.

Step: 2 After you have done that, just copy the username or type and select the profile on the downloader.

That’s all now you will see the small profile pic into full-size profile picture.

For iPhone and iPad users, there is another new app, it also has the same procedure as above just download the app from below links.

Download App From Here: Android | iOS

Choose Your Favorite Method To view Insta Pics

These were the methods and steps you have to follow to see the profile picture and news feed picture in full-screen size. Some time to see a full-size Instagram profile pic is necessary to know the unknown person to recognize, now after learning different methods, you can easily see pic from different devices such as android, desktop, iPhone, iPad, and chrome extension.

Is there any other more simplest way you know and want to share with us, then feel free to comment below.

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