PS4 error su-30746-0 : Solved

by Sourabh

Restart your PlayStation®4 console and, if possible, update the system software via a wired Internet connection. Select Notifications from the PS4 menu, highlight the update file, and then press the OPTIONS button > Delete.

Our PS4 was unable to locate the file required for system software update, that causes ps4 error su-30746-0. to solve follow below steps:

To update the PS4 system software in Safe Mode, please follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off your PlayStation 4 system.
  2. After turning off all of your PS4’s lights, hold down the power button until you hear two beeps, one immediately and one after 7 seconds. Your PlayStation 4 will now boot into Safe Mode.
  3. Plug in your DS4 controller via USB and press the PS button.
  4. Choose option 3: “Update System Software” and then “Update Using Internet.”

How To Fix PS4 Error SU-30746-0 PS4 CONTROLLER Not Working

How do you fix a PS4 update error?

If your system software update doesn’t finish, you should delete it and try again. Restart your console and use a wired internet connection instead of wifi to get the latest updates. Select Notifications from the list of PS4 functions and then select the update file. Select Delete by pressing the “Options” button.

Why does it keep saying an error occurred on PS4?

PSN Account Verification

In most cases, gamers who recently acquired a console and opened it up without first validating their PSN account are the ones who run into this problem.

How do I start my PS4 in Safe Mode?

  1. Completely shut down the PS4. Your console should shut down after you press the power button as normal.
  2. To turn it back on, hold down the power button for a few seconds. When you hit the button, you should hear a beep, followed by another seven seconds later….
  3. You should be able to start your PS4 in Safe Mode.

Why is my PS4 not restarting?

In order to restart your console manually, follow these steps: Ensure that your PS4 is totally off, with no lights on or flashing. This is important. For at least 30 seconds, disconnect the power cable from your console. Try restarting your gadget by plugging the cord back in and pressing the power button on the front of it.

What does an error has occurred SU 30746 0?

When your console can’t find the firmware update file, you’ll get the error SU-30746-0. Owners of the PlayStation 4 receive this error when Sony no longer provides support for their firmware version. Errors have occurred.

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What happens if you initialize PS4 reinstall system software?

When you perform an initial PS4 reset, all of your personal data and settings are erased. Removes all user data and settings from your PS4 by reinstalling the system software.

Why does my PS4 keep crashing and freezing?

Your PlayStation 4 may freeze for a variety of reasons. This issue can be brought on by issues with power transmission, heat, or a few software glitches. It’s also possible that the system appears to be frozen, but the controller has disconnected.

How do I know if my PS4 is corrupted?

Select “Saved Data” from the “System Storage Management” menu. To access Media Player, go to the ‘Media’ folder in your program’s directory. There should be a ‘corrupt data’ file in the folder.

Why are all my PS4 games corrupted?

This error is frequently noticed after an installation has failed. Remove the corrupted download and retry the software installation in such circumstances. When the graphics and sound start to sputter, you may also run into this issue while playing. Reinstalling the game and/or restoring your account licences should take care of the problem.

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