How To Create an Apple ID Without an iPhone & Credit Card

by Narendra

If you have been searching for how to create an Apple ID without an iPhone & credit card then odds are high you want to run other apple devices with that apple ID like apple TV for movies and shows, Apple Music, accessing support for your Apple products and there are many more reasons. Right?

No worry you can effortlessly create an Apple ID with your android smartphone. All you need is a web browser either on mobile device or on a laptop to sign up for Apple ID account.

So without further ado let’s learn how to create an Apple ID without iPhone and credit card. Follow the below steps:

Step:1 Firstly, you have to open any web browser either on phone or on PC.

Step: 2 Now go to the appel ID web page

Step: 3 On the top right corner click on create your apple ID option.

Step: 4 Now sign-up form will open where you have to give details like your name, password, and birthday.

Step: 5 Enter your email address whichever you want, after that you will get one verification code on email to verify.

Step: 6 Create an apple ID password with a mix of characters and numbers.

Step: 7 Now answer the security question to backup your account in case you forget your id or password.

Step: 8 That’s it now enter the captcha and hit continue.

Step: 9 Now as you click on the continue button new pop of email address verification code will ask. Where you have to enter the code and continue.

That’s it now you’re ready to use your Apple ID without having an apple mobile or apple devices like Mac, iPad, and MacBook.

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