How to Create a Hudl Account

by Narendra

Coach needs to buy Hudl and add you to the team roster. If your team is using Hudl, ask a team manager to send you an invite code. If you already have an account on Hudl, you can sign in here or get the Hudl app.

Tutorial Hudl Create Player Account

Can anyone use Hudl?

Get coaches to add players to their teams. Since you are an admin, you can use the manage team page(s) to make sure that all coaches and athletes on each team have access to Hudl.

How do I join a team on Hudl?

Click Get Registered after entering your team code and email address. The team code must be obtained from the athlete’s coach.
After filling out the form, click Register.
Your registration has been successfully completed. When your coach responds to your request, you’ll get an email notification.

Are Hudl accounts free?

You have to pay for both a Hudl and a Hudl Focus subscription, but if you buy them as part of a package from the athletic department, they are both very cheap. Depending on the broadcast software or livestream platform you choose, there may be other costs as well.

What is Hudl app?

Hudl uses video to help teams win. Our Android app allows you to examine previously uploaded video or even record new video using your device.

Do NFL teams use Hudl?

Coaches at high schools will benefit greatly from a new partnership between the NFL and Hudl. According to the release, Hudl and the NFL’s partnership will allow the NFL to continue interacting with high school coaches.

How do I link my Hudl account?

Copy the URL by clicking Copy.
The link will be copied to your clipboard after the URL turns green.
To share, simply paste the link anywhere.

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Can you stream Hudl?

Stream your video directly to YouTube or to any broadcast software that accepts video via an IP feed. You can now stream directly to YouTube with Hudl Focus for a free and easy livestreaming solution that doesn’t charge fans and parents to watch games.

How do I delete a Hudl account?

Select Players at the top of the list.
Click the pencil next to the Athlete whose account you wish to delete.
Then select the garbage can icon.
The athlete will receive an email titled “Notice of Removal.”

How do I create a team on Hudl app?

Log in to, hover your mouse over your name, and click Add Another Team.
Fill out the form with the new team’s information and click Submit. Please allow 24 hours for your request to be processed.

Can you download Hudl videos?

Click Video on after logging in. Click Details while hovering over the video or playlist you wish to download. Click the action menu of the video or playlist you wish to download after locating it. Select Email Link to Download.

How do I remove myself from team HUDL?

Sign in to and choose Manage Team.
Choose Athletes.
Choose the player you wish to remove from the team.
Select Remove From Team from the menu.
Select Remove to confirm removal.

How do I create a recruiting video on Hudl?

Sign in to the Hudl application and select Video.
Choose the game that you wish to use for highlights.
Tap the plus sign when you want to highlight a particular moment.
Tap the desired clip to edit it.
Tap Edit.
To lengthen or shorten a clip, drag its handles along the timeline.
Tap Done.

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