How to Cancel Hotworx Subscription

by Narendra

You can sign your cancellation notice in person at your main Hotworx studio. Your 60-day notice can also be sent by certified mail. If you decide to join Hotworx again in the future, you will have to pay the full enrollment fee and the full monthly payment rate, as well as any new terms.

You can cancel your Hotworx subscription by letting the studio know before midnight on the third business day after you sign the contract.

How to Cancel Hotworx Subscription

Is there a cancellation fee for HOTWORX?

After the first term is over, you can give a 60-day notice to end the contract. If you want to cancel right away before the first term is over, you’ll have to pay $99, and you won’t be able to use the service or get access to it again.

How much is a monthly membership to HOTWORX?

For $69 per month, “Sweat Everywhere” members can work out at any of the Hotworx locations across the country. The “Sweat Here” membership costs $59 per month and gives you unlimited access to one studio.

Is HOTWORX month to month?

After three months, your membership is month-to-month, but you have to give them sixty days’ notice if you want to cancel. This means that once you sign up, you are locked in for the first five months.

Can you bring guests to HOTWORX?

When bringing a guest, members should call the studio and let us know so we can schedule both of you in the same session. 4. Members who are caught on camera or otherwise bringing guests into the facility when no one is on duty will be charged the $20 drop in rate.

Can I use my HOTWORX membership anywhere?

You can work out at any HOTWORX in the United States with “Sweat It Everywhere.” If you’d like to learn more about our special “Pre-Sale” rates for “Sweat It Everywhere,” send us a message or call us at 225-364-2626 during our regular business hours!

How old do you have to be to work out at HOTWORX?

Clients under the age of 18 who wish to use HOTWORX services must have a parent or legal guardian sign this consent form before using this facility and its services.

Can you lose weight with HOTWORX?

Don’t worry, this can be done in just four HOTWORX® sessions because the average person burns between 250 and 450 calories during a 30-minute infrared workout and another 350 to 600 calories in the 60 minutes right after the workout.

Does HOTWORX take insurance?

Region Health and Wellness will take most major insurance plans, including United Healthcare, Aetna, Signa, UMR, Medicare, Anthem of Indiana, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois. It’s still going through the process of getting approved. Procedures that are just for looks must be paid for out of pocket.

Does HOTWORX really burn more calories?

In fact, if age, gender, and other factors are the same, a person can expect to burn up to 30% more calories in a HotWorx class than in a regular flow session.

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Are men allowed at HOTWORX?

Men and women can go to the gym, and we have a lot of male members. We’d love for you to come take a tour and work out for free. Call us at 703-214-2124 and we’ll get you on the schedule.

What is Afterburn HOTWORX?

The after-burn effect, also called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, is when your body keeps burning calories after you work out to replenish oxygen stores in your muscles while you are recovering.

How long does it take to see results with HOTWORX?

HOTWORX promotes a rolling 90-day challenge via its “burn off” app, which members can use to track their workout calorie burn as well as one hour after burn. Twelve weeks, or 90 days, is the magic number of time required to create a lasting change in a fitness lifestyle.

Are there showers at HOTWORX?

On-site, HOTWORX has a shower. However, some people prefer to exercise during working hours. “A lot of people feel more at ease if there’s someone here.

Is HOTWORX infrared?

HOTWORX is a virtual-instructed exercise programme that lets users experience the many benefits of infrared heat absorption while doing a 30-minute Isometric workout or a 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session.