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Best Wall Mounts For 55 inch TV: TV wall mount is a must-have accessory if you don’t want to compromise with perfect viewing angle plus at the same time want permanent fixture for your new T.V.

Apart from wall attachment & keeping them safe from children’s these wall mount also save space in room plus deliver modern look. But again on the market, there are plethora of wall mounts available that surely confused you which is the best in terms of built quality, strong fitting, and easy to move. Right?

But no worry, here we have curated the best list of wall mounts for 55 inch TV whether you have Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, TCL, or any of your favorite brands. So no further ado let’s begin.

Best Wall Mounts For 55 inch TV (2023)

1. USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Weight Capacity: 132lbs

If you want one of the premium wall mount for 55 inch TV that not only popular in the market but also brings pretty good advantage to the table then USX mount is worth a peek.

This is a full motion TV mount that will allow you to adjust for better viewing angle by swivel, tilt, extend to 16.49 inches which is pretty good more importantly retract back to wall around 2.40 inches that give slim look.

Now coming to built quality, then being a premium class wall mount you can expect a pretty solid body by that reason it can easily hold your TV weight up to 132lbs which is quite impressive. Here you can fit wall mount to both types of wall like wood or concrete plus it is easy to install by yourself also.

The best thing is the company also ships bubble level and 3 pieces of cable ties for cable management. In case if you want more cable management items you can check here.

Lastly, if you don’t want to compromise with quality & want full motion TV wall mount for your premium 55 inch TV then this is a fantastic option you can pick.

2. Pipishell TV Wall Mount Bracket 

Weight Capacity: 100lbs

The pipishell wall mount brings the best of both worlds like first this comes an affordable price point second it is made up of alloy steel which is known for being heavy-duty. More importantly, here the wall mount comes in double-arm design that not only promises to have load-bearing capacity of up to 100lbs but also provides smooth movement.

Aside from that, this wall mount is compatible with any type of smart TV of 55 inches like Flat LED, LCD, OLED, or curved TVs. So no worry about that.

Furthermore, being a full-motion mount you can take advantage of tilt, swivel, rotate at standard angles for ultimate viewing experience. Did I tell you this mount could extend out to 14.9 inches plus retract back to 3.2 inches?

Other than that, there are some good things like safety lock function, easy to tilt option and comes in well-polished which look premium quality.

Overall, if you want an affordable & trusted wall mount for 55 inch TV then you can’t go wrong with Pipishell.

3. JUSTSTONE TV Wall Mount

Weight Capacity: 121lbs

Just stone wall mount is another mount for your new TV in the same price range as above counterpart. It delivers all the important features. For one full motion with smooth movement you can easily tilt down to 15 degrees, swivel left or right to 45 degree plus good thing is it extend long to 14 inches & for low profile look you can retract back to 2.6 inch which is impressive to see.

Moreover, here the mount comes with extra height adjustment like you can also change height by 2 hooks up to 4 inches if you are not satisfied with fitting.

Aside from that, if you have heavy TV then here it is built to take the weight up to 121lbs. The quality of wall mount is quite good.

It is compatible with various types of TV’s from Samsung to Sony or any of favorite brand doesn’t matter TV is flat or curved.

On amazon, several users are praising it for its easy install and built quality all thanks to the juststone brand.

Overall, if you want newest wall mount for 55 inch TV that has smooth movements and very well-built quality then this is another good option you can buy.

4. Pipishell Tilt TV Wall Mount 

Weight Capacity: 99lbs

If you are looking for wall mount only to tilt the TV then one from Pipishell is worth a look. The one is budget-friendly wall mount to hang 55-inch tv whether it’s flat or curved. In addition to that, this mount allows you to tilt up to 8 degrees and the best part it delivers low profile look to the wall which seems fantastic.

There are multiple users are praising for its built quality where the mount is made up of solid alloy and can handle 55-inch Samsung, Mi and other brands TV easily. Here wall mount holds a weight of up to 99lbs which is more than enough. Right?

Lastly, the wall mount promise to deliver clean and secure fitting on wall and wood. Plus being a popular brand mount you can also trust it.

Overall, for only tilt functionality and budget price point mount this pipishell is another good TV wall mount you can buy.

5. FORGING MOUNT Long Extension TV Mount

Weight Capacity: 132lbs

If you are looking for long extension wall mount for 55-inch tv then you can’t go wrong with forging mount. The main highlight that makes it more impressive is its dual articulating arm that means you’ll get solid stable structure that do not wobble. Moreover, being a full-motion wall mount you can experience top-notch viewing experience you can adjust by tilt, extend, swivel, retract back.

This mount allows you to extend arm upto 43 inches unlike above one so yeah undoubtedly you’ll get best viewing angle.

When it comes to built quality then here it is made of with heavy-duty material that effortlessly handles up to 132 lbs weight. Plus thanks to dual articulating arm to support which is sturdy and feel safe.

Overall, if price is not a concern and wants one of the best wall mounts with long extension for 55 inch TV then there is no better option than forging mount for sure.

6. Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Ahoy, entertainment enthusiasts! Feast your eyes on the Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount, a true treasure for your TV-viewing pleasure, with both positive and negative notes.

On the positive side, this full-motion TV mount is a true master of flexibility, offering a perfect center design that allows you to position your TV just right for the ultimate viewing experience. The articulating mount ensures you can tilt, swivel, and extend your TV to any angle like a captain steering their ship.

With a maximum VESA compatibility of 400x400mm and a weight capacity of up to 77 lbs, this mount accommodates a wide range of 26-55 inch TVs, making it suitable for many voyagers seeking a sturdy and reliable mounting solution.

The sleek design blends seamlessly with your entertainment setup, granting your TV a floating appearance like a treasure suspended in mid-air.

However, even the most versatile treasures have a few hidden waves. Some users have noted that the mounting instructions might be a bit challenging to decipher, requiring a bit of extra navigation through the sea of steps.

Additionally, the mount might not be suitable for heavier TVs close to its weight limit, so be sure to check your TV’s specifications before setting sail with this mount.

In conclusion, the Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount is a flexible and reliable companion for your TV-mounting adventures. Just keep in mind the mounting instructions and weight capacity as you embark on your entertainment voyage.

Overall, it’s a treasure trove of TV-viewing pleasure to elevate your entertainment experience to legendary heights!

What To Look Before Buying Best Wall Mounts For 55 Inch Tv ?

Before venturing into the world of wall mounts for 55-inch TVs, consider these key factors to ensure a secure and perfect fit for your TV.

  1. TV Compatibility: Ensure the wall mount is specifically designed for 55-inch TVs to guarantee a proper and snug fit.
  2. VESA Compatibility: Check the VESA pattern of your TV (measured in millimeters) and ensure it matches the wall mount’s VESA specifications for a seamless installation.
  3. Weight Capacity: Look for a wall mount with a weight capacity that exceeds your TV’s weight to ensure stability and safety.
  4. Mounting Options: Choose between fixed, tilting, or full-motion mounts based on your preferred viewing angle and flexibility needs.
  5. Installation Ease: Seek a wall mount with clear instructions and all necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation.
  6. Built Quality: Opt for a sturdy and durable wall mount to secure your TV with confidence.

By considering these factors, you can confidently select the best wall mount for your 55-inch TV, providing a space-saving and cinematic viewing experience in your home. Happy mounting!

Wrapping up: Top 55 inch wall mounts for smart TV

Thankfully these wall mounts allow us to view at a desired angle at the same time save some space in the room. Above we have included several wall mounts from full motion to long extension. So make sure to pick the most required & best mount at the end of the day you’re going to hang in your premium smart TV.

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