Best PlayStation Carrying Case: PS4, Slim & Pro (2023)

by Narendra

If you’ve been searching for the best PlayStation carrying case for your PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 pro then odds are high that you want a dedicated travel carrying case for Playstation that can easily keep it safe with its accessories. Right?

No doubt, investing in a carrying case brings several advantages to have fun wherever you want, but choosing the right PlayStation carrying case is not an easy task to do you need to think about several things like carrying case should be of high-quality material, have enough capacity for PS & its accessories, plus comes in under budget.

Luckily for you, we have compiled the best list of carrying cases for PlayStation that you can consider buying without any doubt.

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Best PlayStation Carrying Cases (2023)

1. USA GEAR PS4 Carrying Case

If you don’t want to compromise with quality & room then USA Gear PS4 carrying case will be worth your every cent. This premium traveling case has a huge capacity with customizable interior each controller, cable, PlayStation & headphones have a separate room. More importantly, every gear is protected by thick padded wall. So yeah your PlayStation & accessories are fully secure while traveling.

USA GEAR PS4 Carrying Case

If we talk about exterior bag quality then it’s top-notch, thanks to well-woven ripStop nylon over a strong shell, that delivers ultimate performance when it comes to scratches, wear & tear.

For your carrying comfortability, this one comes with a padded handle & shoulder strap, which look promising. So no worry about that.

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On the downside, this bag is not waterproof plus not compatible with PS5. Although it is moisture resistant & handles water sprinkle.

Overall, if you want an affordable PlayStation carrying case that has good quality & much space for other accessories then I’d recommend you check out for sure.

2. Portable Playstation 4 Travel Bag

Another excellent PlayStation 4 carrying case that you can consider buying. The main highlight is its top-notch quality, the one come with hard exterior that promises to deliver shock proof plus thanks to nylon fabric that makes it waterproof.

Portable Playstation 4 Travel Bag

Furthermore, when it comes to interior design then it is almost the same as above counterpart, it has well-designed room for PlayStation and its accessories like headphones, cables, controllers, and more. And the best thing is all things are separated by a soft cotton design that promises to give an extra layer between gears.

What’s more, is the PlayStation has dedicated belt protection. So yeah no worry while traveling it’s safe & secure.

Aside from that, the ps4 carrying case handle & straps are of good quality that have a long life span.

Overall, if you want premium quality PlayStation carrying case that comes in budget price range & has much space for everything then you can’t go wrong with this one.

3. Lenovo Legion Armored Backpack II

What not to like about this armored backpack II? For one this is premium quality backpack with spacious interior to easily fit your PlayStation & gears. Second, it comes with top-notch durability thanks to high-density EVA front shield that promises to protect your gaming gears in any condition. Did I tell you this is water-resistant bag?

Lenovo Legion Armored Backpack II

Aside from durability it also delivers super comfort while wearing the bag has ventilation, adjustable shoulder, straps, and back padding. So yeah you can easily hang bag for long time.

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When it comes to style, then the one address standard, sleek look that packs with super high performance.

Apart from that, as I said earlier it has enough space to fit securely your PlayStation, dual shock controllers, and other gears.

Overall, if you want top-notch protection PlayStation carrying case that has ultimate interior quality plus best shoulder strap then this is a fantastic pick.

4. Hard Travel Case For Sony PlayStation 4

If you are looking for hard travel case for your PlayStation & gaming gears then this one is worth a peek. Although it comes at premium price but at the same time, it brings several good points to the table. First thing first, being a hardshell case its promises to deliver shockproof & safe your PS4, gears from water.

Secondly, it has enough room for VR, PlayStation 4, controllers, headphones,s and more gears. Interesting right?

 Hard Travel Case For Sony PlayStation 4

Moreover, the interior is well designed with a divider to include more accessories effortlessly. So no worry about that.

Aside from that, the exterior bag quality is excellent, looks standard.

On the downside, handle attachment is not seems promising, although straps are good to carry.

Overall, if you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars and want a quality hard carrying case for PlayStation 4 then you can check out this for sure.

5. BUBM Waterproof Game backpack

Last but not least, If you are looking for a college bag style PlayStation carrying case then this from BUBM is worth a peek. The first thing that eye catches is its systematic interior design which holds every gaming accessories & yes PlayStation securely. What is more interesting is the interior of the bag is very well cushioned and has straps for every gear for safety.

BUBM Waterproof Game backpack

What’s more, is the quality of bag is top-notch, exterior is scratch and waterproof, that is very cleverly designed for travel. Furthermore, for portability comfort thankfully it remembered to add thick cushioned shoulder strap plus has good quality handle.

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On the downside, this is not a hard shell bag, although it comes with thick soft cousins that make it shockproof.

Overall, if you want an affordable PlayStation carrying bag with excellent quality & enough room for gaming gear like the above one then this one is worth checking out.

Wrapping Up: Best Travel Case For Playstation 4

These were the best protective carrying case for PlayStation 4 that you can consider buying. As you go up on price ladder you’ll get an extra room, high-quality bag, and more features. Here we’ve tried to include both premium to budget-friendly PS4 carrying cases. I’d recommend you to go with hardshell waterproof carrying case that delivers an advantage while traveling & give strong protection.

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