8 Best Grips and Skins For PS5 DualSense Controller : New

by Narendra

Best Grips and Skins For PS5 DualSense Controller: One of the best things about the PS5 controller is it allows you to customize the look & feel, all thanks to beautiful skins that completely give the PS5 dual sense controller a new touch.

More importantly, at the same time, these grip skins also provide much better control and if you’re one whose hand turns wet while playing games then this is the must-have accessory of PS5 controller that you should buy.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some great skins which should have a fantastic grip & look then here we have lined up some best skin for PS5 dual sense controller that you can consider buying.

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Best Grips and Skins For PS5 DualSense Controller (2023)

1. YoRHa Skin for PS5 Dualsense Controller

Starting from the newest skin for PS5 controller from the popular brand YoRHa. The one brings skull design that looks super appealing not only it made of with premium quality silicone material but also both side grip patterns surely make you satisfied while playing for hours despite sweaty hands.

What’s more, the company also ships 8 thumb grips with skull patterns in different sizes. So for all games like FPS, MOBA, or RPG, it will be easy to play.

The quality of the skin is pretty good that makes the installation comfortable without any wear and tear. So no worry about that.

Lastly, the good thing is here it has several colors patterns that you can choose from for your controller.

2. Aosai PS5 DualSense Controller Skin

If the best-grip skin for PS5 dual sense is what you’re looking for then Aosai is worth a peek. This one is the most popular PS5 controller skin on the market right now. Some of the good reason for its popularity is the budget price point, high grip on both side of controller, and look standard.

Aside from good enhanced grip here, the quality of cover is skin-friendly that doesn’t produce heat. Moreover, the skin cover a full controller that protects from scratches and shocks.

Other than that, Aosai controller skin comes with a plethora of special colors and patterns like blue, pink, red, rainbow, and more. Did I tell you, company ships 2 controller grips plus 8 thumb grips?

3. Dragon Grips Controller Grips for PS5

How does textured skin for your PS5 controller sounds to you? If interesting then dragon grip is made for a good buy. The good thing is textured skin that feels so comfortable while playing for long hours. The rough surface doesn’t produce heat nor slips your hands.

The only downside is the one comes in black color although if you like standard things then this might be a perfect skin you can try.

Other than that, the skin quality justifies the price, a little bit thick with sharp cutouts. Moreover, users have been praising for its good control over controller.

4. Fosmon PS5 DualSense Controller Skin

If you are looking for PS5 controller skin for design & look then one from Fosmon is worth a peek. The one brings military black & blue design that looks super cool. Although don’t expect much from the grip side.

On the upside, here the kit includes 2 skins with 8 thumb grips which are pretty good at this cheap price point. When it comes to quality then users are praised for its top-notch comfort & the skin covers the whole controller. So no worry from the protection side too.

Overall, if you want to try new design skin that fits well plus made with sweatproof silicone rubber gel then Fosmon is good to buy.

5. Foamy Lizard SensePro Dock Compatible PS5 Controller

If you want top-notch grip skin for your PS5 controller then this one is worth your dollars. Here Foamy brings added front and back thick grip that surely fit in your hands comfortably even in sweaty hands. Here this one comes in three colors black, blue and green.

The only low side you might feel is the design or texture. Other than that, it brings you a simple & standard look to the controller.

Aside from quality skin here, this comes with 8 raised thumb grips in which some are tall grips & other smaller which is best for FPS, MOBA, and games.

Overall, at a good price, Foamy is the best skin you can buy that comes with great grip on your hands.

6. YoRHa Studded Printing Skin

If you are looking for printed design skin for ps5 controller then one from YoRHa might be the perfect pick for you. Here you have 4 awesome printed designs to make your controller attractive. Not only do these skins come at low price but also the grip part is good too.

If we talk about its material quality then this is one that is made with medical-grade silicone, although this is thin but provides good protection against scratches. Installation for this cover is easy.

Here in the pack, you’ll get 1 controller skin with 10 thumb grips of different designs & heights that surely make your gameplay awesome.

7. SIKEMAY Printing Cover Skin for PS5 Controller

This is another new attractive printed cover for ps5 controller that you can consider. The one comes with a skull pattern of black & white which looks cool in hand. Aside from anti-slip quality here it easily secures your controller from drops thanks to pretty solid material.

Another upside, the pattern is long-lasting plus doesn’t produce smell. On amazon, several users have been praising for the same.

There’s some low side like the grip part is not that much great as above counterparts plus there are no color options to choose.

8. BRHE PS5 Controller Skin

If you want one of the best protective cover skin for a PS5 controller then BRHE makes for a perfect buy. Here the thick & quality rubber case is made to secure the controller while dropping and scratches. If we talk about its look then there is lots of color option are available for you to try.

Being a low price controller skin here the pack comes with 1 skin and 2 thumbs grip caps although both well gripped and comfortable.

Overall, the quality & design are standard and very well to use for a long time. If you want one best at a low price then this one you can try.

What to look before buying Best Grips and Skins For PS5 DualSense Controller ?

When searching for the best grips and skins for the PS5 DualSense controller, consider the following factors to enhance your gaming experience:

  1. Material: Look for high-quality, durable materials that provide a comfortable grip and protect the controller from wear and tear.
  2. Compatibility: Ensure the grips and skins are specifically designed for the PS5 DualSense controller for a perfect fit and easy installation.
  3. Texture and Design: Choose grips and skins with a textured surface for improved grip and an attractive design that complements your gaming style.
  4. Access to Buttons and Ports: Verify that the grips and skins do not obstruct access to buttons, triggers, and charging ports.
  5. Ease of Cleaning: Opt for grips and skins that are easy to clean and maintain, keeping your controller looking fresh and new.
  6. Airflow and Cooling: Consider grips and skins that allow for proper airflow to prevent overheating during intense gaming sessions.
  7. User Reviews: Read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the overall quality and user satisfaction with the product.

By considering these factors, you can find the best grips and skins for your PS5 DualSense controller, improving comfort, grip, and aesthetics while protecting your valuable gaming accessory.

Wrapping Up : Top Skins For PS5 Controller 2023

These were some of the most attractive and best gripped PS5 controller skins that you can consider buying without any doubt. Above we have included skins for best design as well as best grip, so pick the case that you love to use while playing games.

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