A future update to Google Chrome may eliminate disturbing pop-ups

by Narendra

As the company explains, it’s using machine learning tools built into Chrome to shut down pop-ups before users even notice they’re there.

Chrome 102 will include a new feature that will allow the browser to examine a web page as it loads and predict whether the user will grant permission for notifications or other prompts. Notifications will be automatically blocked if the site has been reported as annoying or malicious in the past.

Google Chrome Next Update will be useful

Based on previous interactions with similar prompts, Chrome’s next release will use machine learning to predict when permissions prompts are unlikely to be accepted by users. After determining that users are unlikely to grant these permissions, the machine learning model, which will run entirely on the device, will silence them.

As part of its research into machine learning, the Chrome team is also looking into how to dynamically change the Chrome toolbar’s buttons on Android based on the type of activities you’re most likely to engage in at any given time.

Google claims that since its launch in March 2022, the tool has identified “2.5 times more potentially malicious sites and phishing attacks than the previous model – resulting in a safer and more secure web.”

In the future, the company hopes to use the same technology to provide users with a more engaging and intuitive toolbar within Chrome. The tool will display different buttons at different times, such as prominently displaying the share button when on social media or the voice search button when a user accesses Chrome on a mobile device.

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