Top 7 Best Search Engines For Finding Free and Paid Images

by Narendra

Hi! There you are looking for the best free image search engine,

In this article, you will know about the images search engine list which will help you to find your image for free in use for commercial purpose like if you are a blogger or finding your favorite actor image then these search engine will help you to do find an image online.

Finding a perfect image for your website is not an easy task but with this search engine, it will help you to do and grab your audience with the perfect image.

Here is a list of Top 7 best search Engine for image 2019

  1. Flickr
  2. Cc Search
  3. Photo Pin
  4. Veezzle
  5. Every Pixel
  6. Pixabay
  7. Pic Search

There are three types of image searches :

  1. General searching for an image
  2. Stock image searching or commercial images searching
  3. Reverse image search engine

Let’s Look one by one different type of search engine for image : –

1. General Image Search Engine ( For Normal image Searches )

In General, Image searches you search images like the favorite actor rose, computer, PC, Wallpapers so on these are in the category of general searches that normal computer operator are doing.

Normal Searches Best Image Search engine are :

1. Google Image Search :

Everyone knows about google images because You don’t know other advanced search engines for images most of you are normal people who use google for casual use and One more reason why most of the people use it because it is the biggest search engine all over the world.

The feature that you don’t Know in Google image search Engine :

In google image search engine there is a lot more hidden feature that most people don’t hear about it let us discuss some of that feature :

1. Search Setting :

What’s Great In Search Setting?

Search Setting of google image have the option to customize your searches like :

1. Safe Search Filter: When you are finding some images in search engine sometimes you come across the explicit or adult content images to avoid these images google put this feature to turn ON After that google will not show you the adult images in your ideal searches.

2. Result Per Page: Feature which will help you to display more content or images at one page to save your time and fast searches.

3. Region Settings: With the region setting option you can easily choose your country or choose other country result shown mostly.

2. Advanced Search Option :

In advance search option you will find your images with the exact keyword or some sentences, particular sentences that means you will easily customize your searches with Find Images with Option there is more filters you can use let us discuss some of that :

1. Image Size: You can easily choose your image size with the option they have given different sizes option like Large, Medium, Large than 400*300, larger than 6 MP and many more sizes.

2. Aspect Ratio: It comes handy when you want to use your image in horizontal or other aspect ratios like a square so you can easily customize from here.

3. Colour: You have the option to choose your image color.

4. Type of image: In this option, you can choose what kind of image you want like clipart, animated and more.

5. File type: What type of file format you want example PNG, JPEG, GIF and more.

6. Usages Rights: With this option, You can filter image for your uses example if you are a blogger then choose free to use even commercially and for normal you can choose free to use option.

2. Bing Image Search Engine:

Bing Image search engine which is a default search engine of Microsoft and we also says as an alternative of google images which is the same as that but just little changing of the user interface.

The most image will search in google image and bing is the second biggest search engine after google.

I mostly preferred to go with the google images engine for an easy and fast experience

What’s Unique in Bing Image Search Engine:

1. It will show you high-quality images with fast loading time.

2. You have more options in a single click.

3. Bing has a slide show option which is quite handy for more images to show easily without clicking manually.

2. Best Image Search Engine / Stock image searching

If you are finding an image which is free to use even commercially purpose like most of the blogger like me are using then these are the best website for finding such images:

1. Flickr: Flickr which is the most popular and biggest image website where millions of free images in stock with every niche website.

Flickr was mostly known by there quality of an image and there unique photos which is mostly copyrighted so make sure before using it.

2. Cc Search ( Creative Common Search ): Cc search which is I like the most because of its interface and more option to find an image within a single search engine

You can choose which search engine you have to search your image It has an option like Flickr, Google, YouTube, Pixabay and more.

Having an option for copyrighted and free to use the image for easy navigate.

3. Photo Pin: Photo Pin which contains pictures for free with the great quality content we can say photo pin is alternative of Flickr.

In Photo Pin there is an option for choosing licensed type Commercial, Non-commercial you can Sort the picture like recent, Relevance and Interestingness.

4. Veezzle: Veezzle is another search engine which shows you free stock photos with common searches of Flickr and Wikimedia.

A great website to find social media images or news images. Veezzle provides you to use for social media picture for free It shows the latest picture which is trending in social media as well in news.

5. Every Pixel: It contains a lot more beautiful images in there free stock. It has a free and paid option if you want to use it for commercial purpose as an article.

It is a stock image search which has a lot more feature as compare to Flickr, Veezzle and more search engine.

6 Pixabay: Pixabay is another free stock image website having millions of free images having to interface the same like google images.

You can easily set orientation, size, color and many more feature in Pixabay.

7. Pic Search: Pic Search which having 3 billion+ images in free stock you can download and use in work.

Pic Search also contains Size, Orientation, and type option same as google image search engine.

3. Reverse Image Search Engine:

What is a Reverse Image?

Reverse Image Search Engine is a Search engine where we are finding the image by just uploading it to the search engine. In this search engine, we don’t have to type the keyword to find.

We just have to put the image online after that search engine will search the same image like that one.

Reverse Image Search Engine For Finding the same image :

1. Tineye

2. Google reverse image search engine

3. Bing Image Match

Wrapping Up: Find Free Images

These are the best website through which you can take any free images as well as paid images, all these websites will provide you the best high-quality free images which you can use as a personal and commercial purpose also so check this out.

Tell me in comment section Which search engine you like the most for searching images online.

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