YouTuber technoblade passed away at the age of 23

by Narendra

Technoblade lost his battle with cancer at the age of 23. “So long nerds,” his father’s heartfelt farewell video to his fans, broke the news on his father’s official YouTube channel.

To explain his absence from social media in 2021, the Minecraft creator revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

While his death comes as a shock to his adoring followers, his words will live on in their hearts forever.

YouTuber technoblade passed away

The video also features an appearance by Technoblade’s father, who mentions that his son penned a letter for his followers and asked him to read it to them after his passing away.

This is the beginning of the message. Hello, everyone, my name is Technoblade. If you are watching this, I have passed away,” he says, and then he discusses his experience as a creator of content for YouTube. The late streamer expressed gratitude to his followers for the support they had shown him over the years.

In addition to that, the video includes some of the photographs that he took while he was receiving treatment for his cancer.

In addition to that, it includes a letter that was written by his family and states, “We, the family of Technoblade, wanted all of you to know just how much he adored and respected his fans and colleagues.”

“Despite his courageous fight against stage four cancer, this past year was filled with many challenging moments for our son. But he didn’t grumble and he kept applying his well-known strategic mind to the challenge of beating the odds, even though he knew they were nearly insurmountable. The example of bravery that my son set for all of us as we walked alongside him on this path was truly inspiring.

Technoblade T-shirt word “So long nerds”

A T-shirt with Technoblade’s words on it is available on his official website, and he made sure his words would live on forever.

So long nerd, with his birth and death dates listed below the phrase. In 1999, he was born.

It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from Xsmall to 3X large, so that everyone who wants some can get some.

It’s available right now and costs $30.

Technoblade Fans Messages

To honor the memory of Technoblade, many fans have taken to Twitter to post messages of condolence.

My favorite show when I was depressed or feeling down was Technoblade, and this was a very tragic loss, but I believe that he is not truly dead until we forget about him. “Rip my friend, Rest in peace technoblade,” said one. “Technoblade never dies,” said another.

Then a third added, “technoblade, a comedic man, a huge following on social media, and people look up to him every day.”

It’s time to say goodbye to Technoblade. Even in the end, he was able to shed light on a bleak scenario. ‘Gone too soon, but never forgotten,’ wrote one admirer.