Youtube Vanced Alternatives: Best Youtube Vanced Like Apps

by Narendra

NewPipe, Brave, Skytube and more. Here’re the best Youtube vanced alternatives.

As per the report and recent tweet from vanced official the popular vanced youtube app has been discontinued and soon all the download links from the website will be taken down completely. After the legal threat from google youtube vanced have to shut down the popular youtube vanced apk. Although the app is working fine for some users but in the upcoming days it will be removed from smartphones. Youtube vanced official tweet thanking to its users base for supporting over the year.

Now everyone is worried about how to watch youtube ad-free, PIP mode, and more premium features in free of cost like youtube vacned provided. But no worry, here in this article we have lined up some of the best youtube vanced alternatives that work just like youtube vanced. So what are we waiting for? Let’s check out the youtube vanced like apps.

Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives

There are several best youtube vanced like android apps are available on google that still not banned, so let’s check out the features and details of how to install the youtube vanced alternative on android smartphones.

1. NewPipe

Here is the first best youtube vanced alternative that provides users an ad-free youtube without any cost just like youtube vanced. Moreover, the app has a simple user interface that allows you to watch videos on the go just like youtube. Being a youtube vanced alternative the new pipe android app provides almost every feature starting from the picture in picture mode (pip mode), ad-free streaming, video download option, and much more.

The best thing that users are loving in this youtube vanced alternative is the video download feature where one can easily choose quality, plus also able to download audio files only. Cool right?

Apart from that, New pipe is one of the open-source application which is free from sign-up, subscription, and other disturbances. You can easily download new pipe applications from website thanks to lightweight app that doesn’t take much space of mobile.

Furthermore, the new pipe is best youtube vanced like app here it allows us to subscribe to your favorite channels, create custom playlists, sign in for easy use, and much more. You can download NewPipe latest apk from the link below.

Download: NewPipe (Free)

2. SkyTube

Here is the second best youtube vanced alternative that you can consider installing on your device. Being an open-source android app the interface is quite simple and minimal, although the features like youtube vanced is of course work well for instance ad free video playing without any lag. The good thing that sky tube offers is the video control here you can easily volume up and down, brightness control, fast forward, and much more with ease.

Aside from that, with just one click you can download any of the youtube videos. Interesting right? Not only this but also there are more features like sharing, bookmark, thumbnail view, fast forward, and more. Although you might miss the pip mode like youtube vanced offer but yeah background video works well.

Apart from that, we have been using sky tube for few months still there is no lag while searching or scrolling the feed, All thanks to simple and clean interface.

Overall, skytube is another best youtube vanced alternative that you can consider downloading.

Download: SkyTube (Free)

3. Brave

If you want one of the safest and best youtube vaned alternatives to run youtube ad-free then brave is best app. Brave is the browser that is available for mobile, PC, and MAC that not only gives ad-free experience as we want but also provides security from unknown links, threats, viruses.

The best thing about using the brave app is you can experience the real youtube interface with adblocking. By using brave browser you can also run youtube in background plus easily do everything like sign in and download of video, share, and more.

Here the main advantage brave provides is security from downloading third-party apps that no one knows is that secure or not. So if you want ad-free youtube experience with fast and simple interface then I’d recommend you to use brave as a browser and run youtube.

Download: Brave (Free)

4. Youtube ++

If you are an iPhone user then youtube ++ is the best youtube vanced alternative that you can install. Not only it is the safest option but also youtube++ provides great user interface through surfing. It fastly removes the intrusive ads and provides a good experience just like youtube vanced.

Although youtube++ lacks some features but in terms of experience youtube++ gives perfect youtube like experience without any ads running.

Till now youtube++ is only available for iOS apple users, the app you can download by using the below link safely.

Download: Youtube++ (Free)

5. iTube

If you’re an music lover and want ad-free listening to music tracks on youtube then iTube is the best youtube vanced app for you. Although it runs videos too but here iTube has main focus on songs. It provides you clean interface with high-quality music in free of cost without any ads. You can also run the music in the background plus iTube provide several other options to use like playlist, save, share, and more.

The best thing that iTube offers to music lovers is the customization of track you can adjust bass, treble, and more. Background mode is here to enjoy the song while traveling without stopping. Cool right?

Download: iTube (Free)


Why aren’t there more alternatives youtube vanced app for iPhone users?

Youtube vanced alternatives are the cracked or illegal apps that provide ad-free experiences. Apple iPhone is one of the secure and private devices where the iOS system does not allow illegal or fake apps to destroy the security. That’s why there is no youtube vanced alternative for iPhone.

How & where do I install these youtube vanced alternatives?

Above in the article, we have included the website link of every youtube vanced alternative from where you can download the apk and install on your android device easily. If it does not work well then install apk installer from playstore then run the app.

Is youtube vanced alternative is safe to use?

Yes, these youtube vanced alternative is safe now, these are open source applications that provide user an ad-free and experience unlike from youtube.

Is youtube vanced discontinued?

Yes, today vanced official tweeted that youtube vanced has been discontinued from google and the mobile app. Within a few days app will stop working.

Wrapping up: Top Youtube Vanced Alternatives

These were some of the best youtube vanced like android apps that you can consider downloading. Although the user interface is quite different but yeah the feature is almost the same as youtube vanced you can easily download youtube videos plus enjoy the premium youtube in free of cost.

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