Your Connection to Ubisoft Services Has Been Interrupted : Solved

by Narendra

Your Connection to Ubisoft Services Has Been Interrupted: Because there are so many players, servers are overloaded and some of them are also down. This is the main reason why players are currently getting the error message “Connection to Ubisoft Services Interrupted.”

If you get the error message “Your Connection to Ubisoft Services Has Been Interrupted” while trying to play Far Cry 6 during the free weekend, it’s because the weekend hasn’t started yet.

A lot of people don’t seem to know what it means to pre-load. You can download the game earlier, but that doesn’t mean you can start playing them right away.

No, you have to wait until the free weekend actually begins. Hold on. On the other hand, if you run into this error after the event has started, that’s a different story.

If restarting the game doesn’t help, you might need to talk to support to see if they can help. But having patience and trying again will probably work.

Far Cry 6 Free Weekend Start Time

Far Cry 6’s free weekend starts at 11 a.m. PT, 2 p.m. ET, and 7 p.m. CET on August 4 and goes until August 7 on all platforms. To be fair, it will be August 5th in some time zones.

For example, in Australia, the event will start at 5 AM on the 5th. Oh, how different time zones can be, am I right? Anyway, if you want to try out the game during the free weekend to see if you like it or not, that’s when you’ll be able to.