Witcher 3 Crossplay Not Working: Solved

by Ami Dalsania

Witcher 3 Crossplay Not Working: The new version of Witcher 3, and gamers should be aware of where and how to preload the 2.0 battle sequel on PC for Steam as well as PS4, PS5, and Xbox.

But many Witcher 3 players are having problems with their consoles crashing when they play co-op multiplayer mode.

A lot of people have said that the Witcher 3 doesn’t work. Even after restarting the game and the computer, it still doesn’t work. This article is written for you if you are looking for answers.

Witcher 3 Crossplay Not Working

Step 1: Check the status of the Witcher 3 server

You can’t run the Witcher 3 server when it’s being worked on. So, you can check the server status before you try to solve the problem. You can check Witcher 3 official Twitter to see if a server maintenance is coming up. If there is a message saying that the server is being fixed, you can wait until the server is back to normal.

Step 2: Check the network connection

If you want to play Witcher 3, you must make sure you are online. In other words, a strong network connection is pretty important. So, if your Witcher 3 doesn’t work, you can check your network connection and test your internet speed.

Type test internet speed into your browser.
Choose a search result to run a speed test on.
If your internet speed is too slow, you can try to speed it up or just call your ISP.

Method 1: Make Witcher 3 network settings as good as possible

If your Witcher 3 network is not set up right, you may not be able to play with other people. To fix this, you should check the network settings on your Witcher 3 and try to make it work better.

Click System in the game’s menu.

When you click the Network tab at the top, it takes you to the Network settings panel.

Click Launch Setting, then click the arrow to the right of Launch Setting to choose Play Online.

After you have optimized the network settings for the PowerWash Simulator, you can test to see if it works. If not, try the next step.

Method 2: Set Witcher 3 to update itself.

Witcher 3 updates can improve how the game runs and make it more fun to play. Many people have said that the Witcher 3 error can be fixed by updating the game. So if your Warzone 2doesn’t work, you can just try to update it.

Witcher 3 Team Will Fix Bug Once You Wait

If Witcher 3 doesn’t work because of a bug in the game, the Witcher 3 Team already knows about it and is working to fix it as soon as possible.

You can’t do anything about this. Just wait for the Witcher 3 team to fix the bug.

Method 3: Make sure the game files are correct

If some of the Witcher 3 game files are missing or broken, the game might give you random errors or not work at all. You can try to fix this problem by making sure that the Witcher 3 game files on Steam are correct.

Method 4: Keep Windows up-to-date

Your Witcher 3 might not work if you have an old version of your operating system. Even if you’ve tried all of the above, it still won’t work. You can try updating your Windows.

To open Settings, you need to press the Windows key and the I key at the same time on your keyboard.

Click the “Update & Security” option on the menu.

Under Windows Update, click Check for updates. Windows will automatically get and install any updates that are available.

After you’ve installed the updates, restart your PC and open Witcher 3. Then check to see if the problem with Witcher 3 has been fixed.

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