Will Warzone Skins Transfer to Warzone 2 ?

by Kirti Rajput

Will Warzone Skins Transfer to Warzone 2 ? Many people who have been playing the original Warzone since it came out have been thinking about this question. Many players have almost three years’ worth of battle passes, bundles, and events’ worth of skins, camos, and other cosmetics.

Naturally, they want to know if they can bring their camouflages and skins from Warzone 1 to Warzone 2. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Warzone Skins carry-over.

Will Warzone Skins Transfer to Warzone 2 ?

Will Warzone Skins Transfer to Warzone 2 ?

Let’s not beat around the bush and just answer this question straight up. No, your Warzone skins, camo, and other cosmetics will not carry over to Warzone 2. Warzone 2 is made from the ground up to be a whole new and different game.

So, its environment will be completely different from both Warzone 1 and older Call of Duty games. But Warzone 2 will share progress, unlocks, skins, and other cosmetics with the two newest Call of Duty games, Warzone Mobile and Modern Warfare 2.

Still, that doesn’t mean that all the content from the past years will be lost. Warzone will still be up and running, but it will now be called Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera. According to the official blog post, this means the following about the things you own:

So, that’s it. Unfortunately, your Warzone skins won’t work in Warzone 2. But, as explained above, you will still be able to use everything you own in Warzone. And if you like Caldera, Warzone 1 is here to stay, and you can still use all your favorite skins to fully enjoy that experience. But in Warzone 2, you’ll have to start collecting all over again.