Will Smith helped set up Marcus Smart’s wedding

by Narendra

Will Smith helped set up Marcus Smart’s wedding: Maisa Hallum didn’t know that her boyfriend, Marcus Smart, had planned a Christmas date for them when Will Smith showed up on their TV screen from what looked like Antarctica.

The couple decided to take their relationship to the next level while wearing matching pajamas, and the video of the proposal is one of the cutest things you can find on the Internet today.

As people keep sending good wishes to the basketball champion and his future wife, Maisa, here’s what you need to know about her.

What Maisa Hallum did

If you are looking for Maisa’s Instagram account, you will be disappointed because she seems to be a private person. Even Marcus’s post only mentions Will Smith.

The Sun says that she is known as the founder and creative director of the swimwear line Sousa Swim. She may have grown up in California, and she said in a podcast that her time there influenced her brand.

Marcus hasn’t shared many pictures or details about his girlfriend on social media either. But they have been seen out in public many times, and Maisa was last seen cheering for her man at a match.

Will Smith helped set up Marcus Smart’s wedding

Many people are talking about Marcus and Maisa’s plan to get married, and Will is one of them.

Before Marcus got down on one knee, Maisa had to watch a video that the Hollywood actor had already made. In the video, the actor hints that the couple’s Christmas will be special.

The actor also said that the video was shot in Antarctica.

The Celtics player wrote in the post’s caption, “She said “YES!” (Whew!) Thank you, @willsmith, for helping me set up.” In the pictures, Maisa is showing off the new ring that she just got.

No one knows when the big day will be for the couple.

Star Of Celtic Teased His Fans

Before he announced his engagement on Instagram, Marcus teased his fans with cryptic tweets on his official account. This was the last thing anyone expected.

In his first tweet, he wrote, “I’ve had enough. I’ve kept this to myself for too long, and it’s time to say it.

Then there was one that said, “It’s time for me to leave…”

In the third tweet, which has a picture of the engaged couple, he finally said, “Oh, I forgot the rest… It’s time for me to stop being single. She said YES!!! (Phew)”