Will DBD bring back Stranger Things?

by Narendra

Will DBD bring back Stranger Things? People are still amazed by the new season of Stranger Things, and Dead By Daylight fans hope that the Netflix DLC will come back to DBD. This year, fans of Dead By Daylight have a lot to look forward to.

Hooked On You, the DBD dating sim, is still set to come out this summer. The next chapter, which has already been leaked, will be a Resident Evil crossover with Albert Wesker and Ada Wong.

We can’t wait for Project W Chapter 25 to come out, but fans are also hoping for another horror crossover this year.

Is stranger things seasons coming back to DBD

Stranger Things is not coming back to Dead By Daylight, and neither Netflix nor BeHaviour Interactive has said so.

Mathieu Côté, the director of the DBD game, told Shacknews that licensing was the problem:

Côté said, “It’s almost impossible for these kinds of deals to last forever.” “As head of partnerships, it’s my job to make sure the partnership works well and that everyone benefits from it. “Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t get what they want or circumstances change and things have to stop.

As Côté said, the game’s official FAQ said, “As with all live-service games, you can expect frequent updates, additions, and the occasional change.”

Everyone who bought The Stranger Things Bundle when it was available still has the DLC, but fans of Dead By Daylight have not been able to explore the Hawkins National Laboratory Map. Schmuckles, a DBD YouTuber, started a petition asking for the Netflix show to come back. As of this writing, 38,665 people have signed it.

Leak: stranger things seasons coming back to DBD?

Stranger Things might come back to Dead By Daylight in December 2022, according to a leak, but the Vecna killer model that was shared was fake and made by fans.

This news was shared on Twitter by DBD Leaks. They are looking into whether or not the Netflix show is still coming back this year, but the leak about a killer was not true.