Why Mei Removed From Overwatch 2?

by Kirti Rajput

Why Mei Removed From Overwatch 2? Fans have been wondering what happened to Mei in Overwatch 2, and Blizzard has explained why she was taken off the roster and disabled, as well as when she will be back.

Since it became free to play back in October, OW2 has had a rough start. Its ranking system still confuses players, and the prices of the Halloween skins were closely watched by the community.

Even though fans have had a lot of problems and complaints since the game came out, the fan favorite ice queen is still missing.

Why Mei Removed From Overwatch 2?

Mei is been removed from Overwatch 2 and her abilities were disabled because her Ice Wall ability let players go to “unintended locations.”

This explanation comes from Blizzard forum community manager Craig. Whether you love the Ice Queen or hate having to compete against her, this isn’t the first time a hero has been disabled.

In October, Bastion was taken away completely, and Torbjorn was banned from competitive play. Also, if you’ve never played OW before, you have to unlock every hero before you can use them, while returning players can use them right away.

When Will Mei Be Back In Ow2?

Mei will be back in Overwatch 2 on November 15, Blizzard has said. With a new patch, she will be back in the game. This means that she will not be in the game at all for two weeks, which has made fans on Reddit angry.

Fans have been upset that three OW2 heroes have been disabled in less than a month since the game came out. Players have also said that the problem is caused by Kiriko, and there are bets that Brigitte will be the next one to go.

This is because, as shown on YouTube, a lot of players have figured out how to bug Brigitte’s shield. As of the time this was written, no other removals had been announced or agreed upon.