Why Is There No Scooby-doo In Velma Show?

by Narendra

Why Is There No Scooby-doo In Velma Show: There are a lot of famous animated shows that people will remember from when they were kids. Even though the list could go on and on, some people might say that nothing is better than sitting in front of the TV and watching Mystery Inc.

Scooby-Doo and the rest of the gang would get in the Mystery Machine and figure out who the real monsters were.

The shy dog with four legs was the focus of the show, which was rightly named after him. Taking this into account, it’s hard to see how the series could go on without him.

Why Is There No Scooby-doo In Velma Show?

We’ve finally reached Velma, a new animated show that started on HBO Max on January 12, 2023. It comes… but Scoob isn’t there. So, why doesn’t Velma have Scooby-Doo?

Why No Scooby-doo In Velma Hbo Max Series?

The people who made Velma decided to make an animated show for adults that isn’t for kids. They did this because they thought that putting an anthropomorphic dog in the show would make it a kids’ show.

Polygon says that showrunner Charlie Grandy said this during a 2022 panel at the New York Comic-Con:

This will, of course, start a debate, with some people saying that adult animated shows before Velma have used wackier elements and still felt like they were made for older people.