Who Was Ruth Madoc Husband?

by Anchal Thakur

Who Was Ruth Madoc’s Husband? As soon as people heard that actress Ruth Madoc had died, they posted tributes to her online. Many people are remembering her long career, her family, and her life with her husband.

Madoc is best known for playing Gladys Pugh on the TV show Hi-de-Hi!, but she has also worked on the movies Fiddler on the Roof and Milk Under Wood. She also played a role in the show Little Britain and went on stage with the show Calendar Girls.

People who worked with Madoc over the years have sent her family their thoughts and condolences and talked about their favorite times with the star.

Who Was Ruth Madoc’s Husband?

Who Was Ruth Madoc’s Husband?

Madoc was once married to the actor Philip Madoc. They had a son and a daughter together. The couple was married for 20 years, but they got a divorce in 1981. They were both in the movie The Life and Times of David Lloyd George.

In 1982, Madoc got married to John Jackson. They were married and lived in Gylnneath together until he died in September of last year.

After Jackson died, his producer friend Owen Money wrote on Facebook that Madoc’s husband was the “smartest, nicest man” he had ever met.

Fans and friends of Madoc pay him tribute.

As soon as people heard that Madoc had died, tributes to the star began to appear online. Fans and friends of Madoc shared their favorite memories of her and sent their condolences to her family.

Les Dennis said, “I’m so sorry to hear that the beautiful Ruth Madoc has died. She had so many skills and was so pretty. She was worried about her family. RIP.”

Aled Jones wrote on Twitter, “So sad to hear about dear Ruth Madoc’s death. She was a wonderful person I was lucky to know. Love to her family x Rest in peace.”

Joe McGann wrote on Twitter, “Such sad news about the amazing Ruth Madoc. I was lucky enough to work with her more than once, and I loved how she was always a bright, skilled, funny, fearless, kind, and inspiring ball of light. Ruth died.

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