Who Is Yves Flores Girlfriend ?

by Ekta

Who Is Yves Flores Girlfriend ? In this article, we will get to know about Yves Flores, a talented and charming Filipino actor and model who has won the hearts of many with his captivating performances on both television and the big screen. We will focus on the topic of ‘Yves Flores girlfriend’ and explore the rumors and speculations surrounding his love life.

Yves Flores – A Rising Star

Yves Flores, born on November 26, 1994, in Tarlac City and raised in Angeles City, gained fame as a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 in 2012. Since then, he has been managed by Star Magic, a prestigious talent agency in the Philippines, and has appeared in several popular TV shows, including the well-liked series Always. His charm, acting talent, and genuine personality have endeared him to a dedicated fanbase.

Who Is Yves Flores Girlfriend ?

Fans and followers of Yves Flores have been curious about his love life and whether he is in a relationship. One name that often comes up in conversations is Gillian Vicencio, his co-star in the show “2 Good 2 Be True.” Their on-screen chemistry has led to speculations about a real-life romance.

Gillian Vicencio, born on an unknown date, rose to fame as an actress, thanks to her acting skills and on-screen connection with Yves Flores. They play characters with engaging interactions in “2 Good 2 Be True,” which has fueled rumors of a possible real-life relationship between them. While they have shared photos together on social media, they have kept their personal lives private, maintaining a professional connection.

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Despite being in the public eye, Yves Flores has managed to keep his personal life relatively private. He has not publicly disclosed any details about his dating history or past relationships. Yves has focused on honing his acting skills and pursuing various projects in the entertainment industry.

Yves Flores Dating History

Yves Flores has not spoken openly about his love life, leading to speculations about his relationships with co-stars like Myrtle Sarrosa and Gillian Vicencio. However, he has chosen to keep the specifics of his personal life away from the public eye, allowing fans and the general public to respect his privacy.


Yves Flores remains a rising star in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his talent and charm. While fans are curious about his love life, Yves has chosen to keep his relationships private, focusing on his career and artistic endeavors. As he continues to shine on screen and win the admiration of his fans, the mystery surrounding his love life adds to the intrigue of this talented Filipino actor and model.