Who Is Tom Kerridge Brother ?

by Ekta

Who Is Tom Kerridge Brother ? In the world of food and cooking, one name that shines brightly is Tom Kerridge. But what many people might not know is that he’s not alone on his journey.

He has two brothers, and one of them is Sam Kerridge. In this story, we’ll take a peek into the lives of the Kerridge brothers.

Tom Kerridge’s Culinary Adventure

Tom Kerridge’s story of culinary excellence started when he was just 18. At that young age, he enrolled in a culinary school, ready to embark on a journey of flavors and tastes. Over the years, he honed his skills in various renowned British restaurants, learning the art of cooking like a pro.

But Tom’s real claim to fame came when he delved into the world of gastronomy by opening the Hand & Flowers pub in the charming town of Marlow. It was a bold move that would make him a household name in the culinary world.

Tom’s passion for food doesn’t stop in the kitchen; it spills onto the pages of cookbooks. He’s not just a chef but also an author. Tom has penned several cooking books, each one filled with delicious recipes and cooking tips. His latest release, “Pub Kitchen,” is another gem for food enthusiasts.

Family Story Tom’s Upbringing

Every person has a story, and Tom’s life had its share of ups and downs. His parents separated when he was just 11 years old. His mother, Jackie Kerridge, played a significant role in raising him.

Sadly, Tom’s father wasn’t a prominent figure in his life, and he passed away when Tom was just 18. It’s a reminder that life can throw challenges our way, and sometimes, family becomes our biggest support.

Who Is Tom Kerridge Brother ?

Now, let’s shine the spotlight on Sam Kerridge, Tom’s younger brother. Unlike Tom, Sam chose a different path in his career. He found his place at the well-known retail giant, Mark & Spencer.

While Tom is known for his outgoing and adventurous spirit, Sam is described as more reserved and introverted. But here’s the beautiful part—they might be different in some ways, but their bond as brothers is unbreakable.

Sam Kerridge prefers to keep a low profile in the public eye. He’s not one to flaunt his life on social media. In fact, his Instagram account is set to private. But here’s something we do know about him: Sam was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at a young age, a condition that requires strength and resilience to navigate.

Sam’s Happy Life

Despite the challenges he faces, Sam’s life appears to be filled with happiness. He’s happily married, and if you peek into his Instagram, you’ll see glimpses of a content life with his partner. It’s a reminder that even when life throws curveballs, love and support from loved ones can make it all worthwhile.

Sam Kerridge has found his place within the Mark & Spencer family. However, the specifics of his role within the company remain undisclosed.

But perhaps one of the most heartwarming moments in their brotherhood was when Tom invited Sam to be part of his cooking show, “Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start,” which airs on BBC. It’s a testament to the bond they share, transcending careers and public life.


In the end, the Kerridge brothers’ story teaches us that family is a treasure that should be cherished. They might have chosen different paths in life, but their love and support for each other remain unwavering. It’s a story of culinary success, personal challenges, and the enduring power of sibling bonds.

As we go about our own journeys, let’s remember that family is our anchor, and the support of loved ones is a precious gift. Whether it’s in the kitchen, at work, or in facing life’s challenges, having a family by your side makes all the difference.

So, here’s to the Kerridge brothers—two different paths, one unbreakable bond. May their story inspire us all to cherish the family ties that make life’s journey even more special.

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