Who is Tiara Mack? Tiara Mack, a state senator from Rhode Island, put up a video

by Kirti Rajput

Who is Tiara Mack?

Tiara is an activist and teacher who grew up in the south (North of Atlanta and Columbia, SC). In 2012, the 28-year-old Black lesbian from the South moved to Providence to go to Brown University and fell in love with the city.

As an undergraduate, she taught sex education in schools in Providence. This was her first job in education. After her first year of teaching, she did an internship in public policy and advocacy at Planned Parenthood and the Women’s Health & Education Fund of Rhode Island, both of which support reproductive health and access to abortion. Harold Metts, a Democrat who was against abortion and had been in the state legislature since 1985 and had been in office for a long time, was replaced by her.

On July 4, Tiara Mack, a state senator from Rhode Island, put up a video of herself twerking on a beach on the app TikTok. In the video, called “A promised senator thirst trap at Block Island,” which has gone viral, she can be seen asking people to vote for her.

In the eight-second video, the senator, a Democrat from Rhode Island who represents District 6, is seen wearing a colorful thong, doing a headstand, twerking, and saying “a**” to the camera over and over.

Tiara, who is 28 years old, smiles at the end of the video when she says, “Vote for Senator Mack.” It was clear that the video wasn’t an official campaign video. But that didn’t matter to the conservatives who criticized her on social media for putting up such a video. Lavern Spicer, a Republican politician, said that the video was a shame. She said, “@MackDistrict6 just embarrassed herself and every Black woman running for public office.” Senator Mack said, “Right back at you, girl.”

People who didn’t like how the senator acted in the video continued to criticize her. One of them told me, “Remember when people who had been elected would act with class and dignity? What the heck is this?” Another person wrote, “If you’re going to twerk in a thong for your constituents (and I’m not saying she should), at least make sure your esthetician waxes your whole leg bush!”

How the senator acted in the video continued to criticize her

While many people came to her aid. A user tweeted, “You just can’t stand to see a woman of color happy in her sexuality, can you????” Another person said, “I don’t see why her twerking makes it so she can’t do her job. She’s a pretty, sexually confident woman, after all. Did everyone lose their penis? This is a lot better than what I did before.” Another person said, “I don’t know, part of me is like, “Girl, what are you doing?” and another part is like, “Hmm… maybe this is good.” Our long-held idea of what a government worker looks like… I don’t know, but I think I would really like officials who work to improve the community while also being their real selves.”

Senator responds to the backlash

The senator who said, “Twerking upside down really makes conservative, crazy internet accounts go crazy on a Monday,” didn’t seem to get the joke.

But she wondered why the news was more interested in her twerking on her day off than in any other important event in her short time in the Rhode Island legislature. She tweeted, “Can the media cover any policy wins by Rhode Island’s youngest black state senator?” She then said, “As a Black woman who is gay, you should all know the answer. It’s no. Let them keep telling their story. Me? I’ll be happy, free, and worry-free.”