Who Is The Voice Of Montel In Big Mouth Season 6?

by Rajitha Reddy

Who Is The Voice Of Montel In Big Mouth Season 6? The first episode of the adult animated series, which was made by Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, came out on Netflix in 2017. It was about young teens coming of age and dealing with the problems of puberty.

Who Is The Voice Of Montel In Big Mouth Season 6?

The idea was given more imagination and creativity than you’d think possible, which helped it become a hit that is coming back for a sixth season on Friday, October 28, 2022.

As fan interest in the project grows, it attracts more voice actors who want to be a part of it. This time, we have some exciting new voice actors. When we’re on the subject, who voices Montel in Big Mouth?

Who Is The Voice Of Montel In Big Mouth Season 6?

In season 6 of Big Mouth, Montel is voiced by Cole Escola.

After Connie got Maury pregnant at the end of the first season of the spin-off show Human Resources, this character shows up.

Montel is their non-binary child, so it makes sense that an American non-binary comedian voices them. The 35-year-old is also an actor and singer, but their cabaret work is what they are best known for.

On the other hand, they have played Chip in Search Party, Shawn in Mozart in the Jungle, Matthew in Difficult People, and Girlboss (Nathan).

They have also done voice work for shows like Tuca & Bertie (Pastry Pete’s Nephew), What We Do in the Shadows (Gargoyle #2), and Baby Shark’s Big Show (various).

Big Mouth Season 6 New Voice Actors

Cole is joined by a number of interesting new cast members whose voices will be familiar to audiences:

  1. Peter Capaldi as Seamus MacGregor
  2. Elijah, played by Brian Tyree Henry
  3. Flanny O’Lympic, played by Chris O’Dowd
  4. Rita St. Swithens is played by Juliet Mills.
  5. The Rice Purity Test is played by Annaleigh Ashford.
  6. Jesus as Tyler the Creator
  7. Cole Escola as Montel
  8. The Apple Brooch is played by Jeff Goldblum.
  9. As Bros 4 Life, Ed Helms, Adam Levine, and Matt Rogers