Who Is The Hyde Monster In Wednesday?

by Narendra

Who Is The Hyde Monster In Wednesday? After months of waiting, Netflix’s Wednesday series is now available, giving fans of all ages a lot to watch over Thanksgiving.

In the series, the title Wednesday Addams goes to the scary Nevermore Academy, which is a school for “Outcasts,” or kids who have magical abilities that are weird and wonderful.

She doesn’t like her new school at all at first, but then she gets involved in a strange case. A monster has been attacking people in Nevermore and the nearby town of Jericho.

Wednesday’s research leads her to a few possible suspects, but who or what is the series’ monster?

Who Is The Hyde Monster In Wednesday?

In Wednesday, Tyler Galpin is really the monster Hyde.

Who Is The Hyde Monster In Wednesday?

But Wednesday didn’t think of him as the first suspect. After doing some research, she was sure that Xavier was behind the horrible killings.

Wednesday thought he was the monster based on the “evidence” of his mysterious art and secret hideaway in the woods, but she was later shown to be wrong.

Instead, it turns out that Hyde is Tyler, the son of Jericho’s sheriff and a possible love interest for Wednesday.

Wednesday finds out when she kisses Tyler and uses her telepathic powers to see a vision that confirms he is the monster she has been looking for all along.

In the last few minutes of episode 8, Wednesday has to fight Tyler and his master (more on them below), and it looks like she might lose and die.

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That is, until some Nevermore students come to Wednesday’s aid, led by her werewolf roommate Enid, who is able to defeat the Hyde, even though she is shaken by the experience.

Who Was Controlling The Hyde Monster in Wednesday?

The master of the Hyde is found to be Laurel Gates, who is pretending to be Marilyn Thornhill.

Wednesday jumped to the wrong conclusion again when she tried to figure out who the creature’s master was. At first, she thought it was Dr. Kinbott, just like she did with the Hyde.

But when Wednesday asked her friend Eugene about the person who attacked him earlier, he said that the attacker was wearing red boots, just like the only normie teacher at Nevermore, Ms. Marilyn Thornhill.

Wednesday finally figured out that Marilyn, whose real name is Laurel, is the sister of Garrett Gates, whom Morticia killed when she went to Nevermore, and a descendant of Joseph Crackstone, the founder of Jericho who wanted to get rid of Outcasts when he was alive.

Marilyn wanted to bring Crackstone back to life so that they could carry out his cruel plan. To do this, she needed the body parts of several normal people, which is where Tyler came in. She also needed the blood of Wednesday, whose ancestor, Goody Addams, was put on trial by Crackstone for being a witch many years ago.

Wednesday and her friends are able to beat both Crackstone and Laurel when they come back to life, thanks to the other students at Nevermore and the spirit of Goody.

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Hyde Monster In Wednesday

A Hyde is the name of the monster that has been attacking people in Wednesday.

Wednesday finds out what kind of monster it is in episode 7 when her beloved Uncle Fester stops by for a short time.

With his help, Wednesday figures out that the mysterious Hyde got its name from the story of Jekyll and Hyde because it is mostly nice and harmless, but it has a secret dark side that turns it into a scary monster with huge eyes.

Fester also says that the Hyde doesn’t work on its own because it needs a master to control it and unlock its powers.