Who Is The 8 Billionth Baby? Born Date & Time

by Narendra

Who Is The 8 Billionth Baby? With the birth of the 8 billionth person on November 15, the world population has reached a new milestone. Everyone on Earth wants to know who it is.

After predicting that the number of people on Earth would reach 8 billion on Tuesday, the United Nations put a countdown on its website.

The Day of Eight Billion is November 15, and it is said that it took 12 years for the world’s population to grow by 1 billion.

So, let’s find out about the 8 billionth baby born today.

Who Is The 8 Billionth Baby?

A baby girl born in Tondo, Manila, is being called the “symbolic 8th billionth baby” from the Philippines by the Manila Bulletin.

The baby, whose name is Venice Mabansag, was born at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila early on Tuesday morning. Dr. Romeo Bituin, the head doctor at the hospital, said that the baby was born at 1:29 a.m.

The Manila Bulletin is the most widely read newspaper in the Philippines that is written in English. It has been around since 1900 and is the second-oldest English newspaper in the Far East. It is also the second-oldest newspaper in the Philippines.

7 Billionth Person Born Date and Time?

BBC says that Sadia Sultana Oishee, an 11-year-old girl, is the seven billionth person to be born. She was born in 2011. She lives with her family outside of Dhaka in Bangladesh right now.

She is the youngest of her siblings and is thought of as the “lucky charm” of the family. Sadia was born with a C-section one minute after midnight. She was told she was the seven billionth person to be born, and soon TV crews and local officials were all over her.

Since Sadia was born 11 years ago, the number of people living in Bangladesh is said to have grown by 17 million.

Adnan Nevic of Bosnia became the 6 billionth person to be born in the world when he was born two minutes after midnight on October 12, 1999. He lives with his mother, Fatime, just outside of Sarajevo at the moment.

New Milestone 7 Billionth Person

The UN thinks it could take another 15 years, until 2037, for the world’s population to go from eight billion to nine billion.

It seems to be a sign that “the growth rate of the world’s population as a whole is slowing.”

The group also says that “improvements in public health, nutrition, personal hygiene, and medicine” are to blame for the rise in population over the past ten years.

It also shows that “some countries have high and stable levels of fertility.”