Who Is Shooter In Monterey Park Dance Club?

by Narendra

Who Is Shooter In Monterey Park Dance Club: Law enforcement sources and witnesses say that a gunman opened fire at a dance studio in Monterey Park on Saturday night. Nine people were killed and others were hurt.

The shooting happened at about 10:22 p.m. on the 100 block of West Garvey Avenue, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Seung Won Choi owns a seafood barbecue restaurant on Garvey Avenue, right across from where the shooting happened. He said that three people ran into his restaurant and told him to lock the door.

They said that there was a man in the area with a semiautomatic gun. People said that the shooter had more than one round of ammunition on him, so when he ran out, he reloaded, Choi said.

Wong Wei, who lives nearby, said that his friend and a few of her friends had gone to the dance club that night. When the shots were fired, his friend was in the bathroom.

Wei said he told her that when she came out, she saw a gunman and three dead bodies: two women and a man he said was the boss of the club. He said that his friend got away and went to his house at 11 p.m.

Who Is Shooter In Monterey Park Dance Club?

His friends told him that the shooter had a long gun and seemed to shoot at random.

He said, “They don’t know why, so they run.”

Near where a Chinese Lunar New Year party was going on, there was a shooting. Tens of thousands of people had gathered Saturday to start a two-day festival, which was one of the biggest Lunar New Year celebrations in the area.

People were eating skewers and shopping for Chinese food and jewelry early in the day. The New Year’s festival was set to run from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday.

John, who is 27 and didn’t want to give his last name, lives close to where the shooting happened. He said that when he got home around 10 p.m., he heard about 4 or 5 gunshots. Then he heard police cars “smashing” down the street. Around 11:20 p.m., he went downstairs to see if the shooting happened at the New Year’s party.

He said, “My first worry was that I knew they were having a Lunar New Year party.” But he said that when he got there, the festival was already cleaned up for the day. He went to where the shooting happened and saw someone being taken away on a stretcher. Another person’s arm was wrapped in a bandage.

On social media, there was a video of police and fire crews rushing to an area on Garvey Avenue to help people who had been hurt.

People who were hurt were taken to more than one hospital in the area.

No one knew if a suspect was being held.

Many people in the area were shocked by the violence.

Edwin Chen, a delivery dispatcher who is 47 years old, rushed from Woodland Hills to Monterey Park at 12:30 a.m. when he heard the news. He said that Chen grew up in the area and that about a dozen of his family members and friends still live there.

He said it was sad that this happened at the same time as the Lunar New Year celebrations.

He said, “This is meant to be a happy time.” “I want to learn as much as I can. It’s still hard to believe.”

In a tweet, Los Angeles City Controller Kenneth Mejia, the first Asian American to hold a citywide office in L.A., said, “Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones tonight in our neighboring city, Monterey Park, where a mass shooting just happened.”

Monterey Park is a city of 61,000 people in the San Gabriel Valley. Most of the people who live there are Asian Americans. Census data show that 65% of the people in this suburb east of Los Angeles are Asian American, 27% are Latino, and 6% are white.

Monterey Park is one of the most important suburbs in the San Gabriel Valley. It has a lot of Asian American grocery stores and restaurants.

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