Who Is Podesta In Pinocchio ? All You Need To Know

by Kirti Rajput

Who Is Podesta In Pinocchio ? The Story of Pinocchio’s Adventures. The Mexican director has worked on movies like “The Shape of Water,” “Pan’s Labyrinth,” and “Crimson Peak.” Obviously, he isn’t the first person to add more mature themes to fairy tales.

He might be the best person to retell this classic story, which is about a man named Geppetto who is sad and makes a wooden boy named Pinocchio out of wood. He wakes up to find that the puppet has been given life, and a moral story follows.

Even though both movies are based on the same book, the 1940 animated Disney version is still the most well-known. Even the characters in the two movies are different.

Who is Podesta in Pinocchio, by the way? Let’s talk about the character in the Netflix movie.

Who Is Podesta In Pinocchio ?

Ron Perlman, who often works with Guillermo, gives Podesta his voice. He is a government official in the fascist regime and the father of Candlewick, a young boy who becomes friends with Pinocchio.

His role in the story comes from the fact that it takes place in Italy during the Great War, or World War I, which happened from 1914 to 1918.

The war is a big part of the story of Pinocchio, which is based on real people from that time. For example, Pinocchio sings Benito Mussolini a funny version of a patriotic song. He started the National Fascist Party and was its leader. In 1922, he became the Prime Minister of Italy.

Podesta, on the other hand, finds out that Pinocchio comes back to life after dying and thinks that he would make a great soldier.

He says that he wants to draft Pinocchio into the war, which gives the wooden puppet another reason to run away from home. He also wants to keep Geppetto from going bankrupt.

Was Podesta A Real Person?

The character’s real name wasn’t Podesta. Instead, the Collins Dictionary says that Podesta was the title of the head judge of a commune in Fascist Italy.

Guillermo doesn’t give the character’s real name because he wants to show that the Podesta of the movie is completely defined by his title, rank, and duties. He does this by making comparisons between the movie’s bad guys and puppets.

Guillermo says that Fascist government officials of the time are like the carnival monkey Spazzatura, who pulls the strings of puppets.

Taking all of this into account, Podesta’s character wasn’t based on just one person, but the idea for the character came from real historical events. He was made by Guillermo and wasn’t in the book that inspired the movie.

In some towns in modern Italy, a judge with less power is called Podesta.

Pinocchio is only available to watch on Netflix.

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