Who is on Loose Women today?

by Narendra

Who will be on Loose Women? We often ask ourselves this because weekday TV wouldn’t be the same without the daily dose of Loose Women on ITV daytime (opens in new tab).

Those who leave ITV on all morning will be able to watch Lorraine, This Morning, and Loose Women, which all have bumper episodes with celebrity guests, the latest news, fashion segments, and cooking segments.

After beginning in 1999, the lunchtime talk show is now in its ninth season. It has a rotating group of women from the entertainment and news industries who talk about issues from a female point of view. Politics, current events, and the latest gossip are all often talked about. They are joined every day by famous people and people who have been in the news.

Loose Women won the RTS award for Best Daytime Program, and if you’re wondering who will be on the show today, don’t worry, we have the answers.

Who is on Loose Women today?

Kaye Adams, Coleen Nolan, Brenda Edwards, and Jane Moore will talk about hot topics and the results of the daily polls they asked fans on Twitter on July 25. They will show the results of the polls on air. But today’s show airs live on ITV from 12:30 to 1:30 pm and can be watched later on the ITV Hub.

Who are the Loose Women?

Loose Women has a lot of different Loose Ladies on its schedule, which changes based on who is available. Kaye Adams, Ruth Langsford, and Coleen Nolan, who is dating again, will be on the 2021 Loose Women panel. Charlene White, who quit the press awards panel after making a racist comment, will also be on the panel. Katie Piper OBE and Sophie Morgan will be the new hosts of Loose Women (opens in new tab).

There is also Christine Lampard, who just had her second child, and Nadia Sawalha, who has been on Loose Women for a long time. There’s Stacey Solomon, who is known as the “Tap to Tidy” Queen, Linda Robson, and Janet Street Porter. Plus, Brenda Edwards, who said that she gained 1.5 stones while in lockdown, Jane Moore, Gloria Hunniford, and Denise Welch, who recently warned viewers about a scam she fell for. And last but not least, Carol McGiffin, Kelle Bryan, Judi Love, Penny Lancaster, and Frankie Bridge.

Who are today’s Loose Women guests?

Today, Ola and James Jordan and their two-year-old daughter Ella are on Loose Women.

Each day, the Loose Women panel has a different celebrity guest. You can find out who will be on the show by listening to the end of the segment from the day before, around 1.30pm. That’s when the women will give hints about who will be joining them on the next day’s show. The show often tweets about its guests and asks viewers to take part in its daily polls, which ask you what you think about the things that are being talked about.

Who were the first Loose Women?

Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha were the first people to host the show Loose Women. Nadia left after the birth of her first child in 2002 and didn’t come back. Kaye kept the role for the first ten seasons until the end of 2006, when she went on maternity leave. She came back in the years that followed.

How can I watch today’s Loose Women?

You can watch today’s Loose Women at 12.30pm on ITV or at 1.30pm on ITV+1. You can also watch it online at the ITV hub, where you don’t have to watch ads. If you subscribe to Britbox, you can stream the shows there. So whether you watch it live or later, you won’t miss an episode.