Who Is Nancy walton Laurie Husband

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Nancy walton Laurie Husband : Today, we’re going to learn about an amazing woman named Nancy Walton Laurie. She has done many interesting things in her life and is known for being a successful business executive and philanthropist. Let’s dive into her story!

Nancy was born on May 15, 1951. Her father’s name was Bud Walton, and he was the brother and business partner of a very famous person named Sam Walton, who founded Walmart. Nancy grew up in a town called Versailles, which is in Missouri.

When Bud passed away, Nancy and her sister Ann Walton Kroenke inherited a part of Walmart. Can you believe that their share is now worth over $9 billion? That’s an incredible amount of money!

Where Nancy walton Lives

Nancy and her husband have some really fancy houses. They spend most of their time in a place called the Las Vegas Valley, where they own a beautiful mansion in Henderson, Nevada. They also have another house in a place called Bel Air, which is in California. Can you imagine living in such amazing places?

Nancy walton Laurie Husband

Nancy’s husband is named Bill Laurie. They first met when they were both studying at the University of Memphis, which used to be called Memphis State University. Bill played basketball for the university, and his team even made it to the finals of a big basketball tournament called the NCAA in 1973. It must have been so exciting to watch him play!

Nancy walton Love for Horses

Nancy and Bill have a special love for horses. In Columbia, Missouri, they own a farm where they breed a special kind of horse called appaloosa horses. These horses have unique patterns on their coats, and they must be so beautiful to see up close. Taking care of horses and watching them run around must be a lot of fun!

Nancy’s Lawsuit and Water Usage

Sometimes, people have disagreements and need to go to court to settle them. In January 2015, Nancy filed a lawsuit because she believed that a property developer named Mohamed Hadid damaged the roots of a special tree called a eucalyptus tree. She wanted to protect the tree and make sure it stayed healthy.

It’s also interesting to know that Nancy uses a lot of water to keep her plants and gardens hydrated. In fact, she uses around 2.3 million gallons (that’s like filling up a swimming pool many, many times) every year for her beautiful estate in Bel Air. That’s a lot of water!


In conclusion, Nancy Walton Laurie has had a remarkable life. She met her husband Bill Laurie during their university days, and they have enjoyed a successful and exciting life together.

Nancy is involved in philanthropy and cares deeply about the environment. She owns beautiful properties, loves horses, and has inherited a substantial fortune. Nancy’s story shows us that with hard work and opportunities, we can achieve great things in life.

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