Who Is Morgoth In The Rings Of Power ?

by Anchal Thakur

Who Is Morgoth In The Rings Of Power: Since The Rings of Power takes place not long after Morgoth is defeated, his name is sure to come up, which will make people who don’t know him curious.

But who is Morgoth, and what does he mean in the history of Middle-earth and The Rings of Power?

Who Is Morgoth In The Rings Of Power?

Morgoth, who was once called Melkor, was the first Dark Lord in the history of Middle-earth. He was Sauron’s boss.

Before Middle-earth was made, there were beings called the Ainur who were made by Eru Ilvatar, the all-powerful creator of everything. In Tolkien’s world, the Ainur were basically angels.

Who Is Morgoth In The Rings Of Power?

Melkor was the most powerful of the Ainur, but he didn’t believe the same things as his creator or the other Ainur. He also had a dark side that he used to do terrible things.

When Arda, the world of Middle-earth, was made, Melkor and the other Ainur moved into this new world and became the Valar and the Maiar.

Melkor, on the other hand, wanted to rule over Middle-earth and its people of Men and Elves while many of the Ainur tried to make this new world more like what their creator had pictured.

Melkor did some terrible things to show that he was in charge and to cover the world in darkness. As a result, the first people of Middle-earth cursed him and gave him a new name: Morgoth, the Black Foe of the World.

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Valar were able to beat Morgoth and catch him.

In the early days of Middle-earth, before the sun was made, the world was lit by Illuin and Ormal, which were called the Two Lamps. Melkor destroyed them on his quest to make the world dark.

He then started to get people to join him. Some of the Maiar became Balrogs, which are big, fiery creatures like the one Gandalf faces in Moria. Melkor’s best servant, Mairon, went on to become Sauron, the second Dark Lord of Middle-earth.

After the Two Lamps were destroyed, the Valar made the Two Trees of Valinor to give light to the world. Melkor again made it his goal to destroy them, and he did so with the help of the primordial spider Ungoliant, an ancestor of the great spider Shelob.

Melkor killed Finw, the king of the Elves, and took the three beautiful gems called the Silmarils when he broke the Two Trees. Finw’s son, Fanor, was very angry about what he did, so he gave Melkor the name Morgoth.

Middle-earth was about to be destroyed, so a seafarer named Earendil went to Valinor to convince the Valar to fight back against Morgoth. This led to a terrible war called the War of Wrath.

After a long time, the Valar finally beat Morgoth, captured him, and sent him into the Timeless Void. This ended the First Age and set up The Rings of Power.