Who Is Mike Itkis? He Has Released His Own Tape

by Anchal Thakur

Who Is Mike Itkis? Mike Itkis, a candidate for Congress in Manhattan, has put his own sex tape online as part of his campaign.

Who Is Mike Itkis? He Has Released His Own Tape

Itkis has been clear about the problems he wants to solve during his campaign. One of these problems is a “sex-positive” approach that focuses on making sex workers less illegal and giving them the right to work.

Mike Itkis Has Released His Own Tape

Mike Itkis was born in Odessa, Ukraine. In 1979, he moved to New York City, where he went to school.

Itkis’s official website says that he got his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Cornell University and his Master of Business Administration from Baruch College, both in New York. Itkis also got a Master’s degree in information security and took part in a Veterans Program for Politics and Civic Engagement.

He got jobs at top companies like IBM, Societe Generale, Bank of New York, and Merrill Lynch because of the skills he had.

Itkis has also been a major in the US Army Reserve, as well as a cyber operations officer, a Signal Corps officer, a Russian linguist, and a civil affairs specialist.

Issues His Campaign Focuses On

One of the main points of Itkis’s campaign is a “sex-positive approach,” and as part of his campaign, he has put out his own tape.

He told City & State New York, “Just talking about it wouldn’t show how serious I am about it. And making the tape was a huge learning experience that changed things on my platform.

“I’m mostly a shy person. I’m a bit of a nerd who tries to avoid being the center of attention. But I thought the things I wanted to talk about were so important… I wanted to talk about my problems in some way.”