Who Is Mama Tot On Tiktok? Mama Tot Tiktok Son Murdered: Latest news

by Narendra

Who Is Mama Tot On Tiktok?

Who Is Mama Tot On Tiktok: Ophelia Nichols is a popular TikTok star from Alabama who goes by the name Mama Tot. She has 7M followers. She has a handle on TikTok called @shoelover99.

Mama Tot has used TikTok for a very long time. In 2021, she started using YouTube. She says on LinkedIn that in 2014 she became a social media ambassador.

Mama Tot has lived for 40 years. Mama Tot’s son was killed, and now a lot of people want to know who Mama Tot is on TikTok. The TikTok star lost her son just one day before he would have turned 19. Scroll down to find out what happened.

Mama Tot Tiktok Son Murdered

On June 23, Mama Tot’s son was shot and killed in Mobile, Alabama. Randon, her son, died when he was 18. She said on TikTok that her son died the night before he turned 19 years old.

Mama Tot wrote on TikTok, “My baby child would have turned 19 today, but he was taken away from me last night. Took from me, my husband, and my children. Someone killed my son. “They shot him.”

Randon Lee was shot and killed at a gas station in Prichard, Alabama, just south of Mobile, on Friday night. Mama Tot said, “I have almost seven million followers, so someone must know something.” She said that her son had been shot and that she had hate in her heart that she didn’t know how to deal with because she had never felt hate for anyone before.

Mama Tot Son Murdered Reddit

On June 25, Ophelia used TikTok to share the sad news that her son had died. Fans shared their sadness on Reddit. In Mama Tot’s most recent TikTok video, she asks her fans if they know anything about the death of her son.

She answers the many questions that her followers have. In May 2022, during a Q&A, Mama Tot said that her mother had mental health problems. She said that when she was a teenager and had her first child, her mother kicked her out. In 2022, she will have helped people through social media for about 8 years.

Who Was Mama Tot’s Son Randon Lee?

Ophelia has talked about her life and her four kids, like her son Randon Lee, on YouTube and TikTok in the past. His Facebook page said that he worked at Controlled Environment Systems and that he was in a relationship.

Ophelia used Facebook to thank the people who follow her on social media. She wrote, “Thank you for keeping me, my husband, my kids, and our family in your prayers.”

Gofundme Mama Tot

After the tragedy, a GoFundMe page was set up so that people could help Mama Tot and her family pay for Randon’s funeral. Within a few days, the initial goal of $75,000 was reached because so many people gave money. So far, more than $175,000 has been raised for Randon’s funeral, which will take place on July 2.

It looks like a follower or maybe a fan of Mama Tot set it up. “As you may have heard, our dear Ophelia (Mamatot) lost her handsome 18-year-old son Randon yesterday,” the description said. She has helped a lot of people, and now it’s our turn to help her.

Who is Tiktok’s Mama Tot?

Mama Tot is the stage name of TikTok star Ophelia Nichols, who lives in Alabama.

Is Mama Tot’s son no longer alive?

Yes. Randon Lee, her son, was killed.

What became of Randon, Mama Tot’s son?

On June 23, Mama Tot’s son was shot and killed in Mobile, Alabama. Randon, her son, died when he was 18.

How old is Mama Tot?

She turned 40 this year.

When did Randon die?

On Friday, June 23, Mama Tot’s son was shot and killed.